Hobbies To Reduce Anxiety

Hello loves, ❤


Since we are in the middle of planning our goals and habits for next year, let’s talk about hobbies. I think hobbies are important for helping you to become happier for many reasons. For one, it will help you focus on something other than your work or your life at home. It can also help you meet people who have a similar interest! One thing that I love is the way I feel after creating something or doing something that I love. So I want you to feel fulfilled too! Try out these hobbies and see which ones help you reduce your anxiety and feel more fulfilled.



I love photos! I love taking them. I love making memories to keep w/ photos. Try it, its really soothing. Here’s why you should try photography:

  • Creating beautiful images is amazing
  • Learning new skills is fulfilling
  • It will take you to places you’ve never been before to have the perfect shot
  • You will learn to see the beauty around you
  • It will get you out of your house



Write, write, write – This can take your mind to a different world, it is good for your mental health. Give it a go, you will never know where it can take you.

  • You will get lost in your own universe
  • You will meet new people if you take classes
  • It’s a good way to escape the stress in your life
  • Writing “The end.” is so fulfilling
  • Nobody has to read your story, but you can also share it with the world easily
  • It’s therapeutic, it will help you deal with your inner demons
  • You will feel like the hero of a story



You should start considering exercising as a hobby instead of a chore. Why? because exercising is fun and will help you live happier! Here’s why:

  • Exercising creates happy chemicals in your brain that fight anxiety and depression
  • It will get you out of the house
  • You will meet new people if you stick to the same classes for a few weeks
  • It’s the perfect way to have some me time
  • All of your worries will be gone once you get back home



Beware blogging can be addictive 😉 I started Discovering Your Happiness over a year & a half ago & I haven’t looked back since. Here’s why you should try blogging:

  • You can blog about everything
  • It helps put your ideas in order
  • It holds you accountable
  • You will meet amazing people
  • Receiving emails from strangers that are feeling better thanks to your blog is the most rewarding feeling
  • You will learn so much from it



Okay, so I don’t really have a ‘green thumb’ BUT I try & that’s the main thing. Here’s why you should try gardening:

  • It’s a workout so your brain will create happy chemicals
  • You will feel proud of yourself when you see the results
  • It will get you out of the house to get some fresh air
  • You will want to hang out in your yard more often, just add a hammock and grab a magazine to relax



I played the piano growing up, the piano is AMAZING, it takes me to another world. Learning the notes & keys than performing a piece is such a great thing to experience. Here’s why you should try to learn how to play an instrument:

  • Learning new skills is rewarding
  • It will take your mind off your thoughts
  • Listening to music is relaxing
  • You can start a band with your friends



Ahhh, this I need more in my life – I def need to get outdoors more. When working in an office 9 hours a day, 5 days a week – I know for a fact that I want my weekends to involve some sort of physical activity. Here’s why you should try hiking:

  • There are trails for every level
  • When you reach the end of the trail you will feel so proud of yourself
  • You can take beautiful pictures
  • It will help you create fun memories with friends and family
  • You can hike year round, just make sure to have an outfit adapted to the weather


  1. YOGA

Yoga is good for the mind, body & soul – I know that I would like to involve myself more within Yoga. I feel that I am a very stiff & tight person, which is unfortunate bc I carry a lot of tension in my shoulders, I would love to do more Yoga to open up my flexibility. Here’s why you should try yoga:

  • It will calm your mind
  • It’s a good exercise for your body
  • If you have pets they will play with you while doing yoga and it’s fun
  • If you go to classes you will meet new people
  • You will become more flexible
  • It’s a good beginning to start meditating



There’s nothing better than dancing! You can dance at home, in a club or at the gym. I want to try involve myself in Zumba classes, has anyone tried these? Here’s why you should try to dance more:

  • It will create happy chemicals
  • If you take classes or go to a club you will meet new people
  • It will make you stop thinking about your worries
  • It’s fun



Painting can release chemicals in the brain to make us feel mentally better – Try it, you won’t regret it! Here’s why you should try painting:

  • It’s so rewarding to finish a beautiful painting
  • You can surprise your loved one by giving them an unexpected gift
  • You will learn new skills
  • Painting is a good way to stop your wandering thoughts



I am trying to work hard by going shopping on Sundays for the week & work on meal prepping & eating healthy for the week.  Here’s why you should try cooking:

  • You will eat healthier food
  • Trying new recipes and being successful is so rewarding
  • You can make it a fun activity family
  • You will taste new food



Colouring really relaxes my mind & puts my stresses to the side.  Here’s why you should try to colour a book:

  • It’s relaxing
  • You will feel accomplished when you finish the page
  • It will free your mind
  • It’s fun
  • It will bring you back to when you were a kid


Wherever you are in the world, have a lovely day ❤

A, x (1)

When It’s Easier To Leave Than Stay

Hello my loves, ❤


It’s easier to leave because leaving gives you peace of mind. You don’t have to worry about how someone feels about you. You don’t have to question why they’re not calling or texting or showing that they care. You don’t have to ask the questions you’ve been trying to avoid. You don’t want to open old wounds and go back to all the times you gave your heart to someone and it got broken. So you just leave because it’s less painful than staying when you’re unsure.


It’s easier to leave because leaving means you’ve got nothing to lose. You didn’t invest in anyone. You didn’t open up. You didn’t allow yourself to feel any high so you don’t feel any low. You played it safe. Leaving is safe because you don’t risk anything. You always have one foot out the door ready to exit before it’s too late.


It’s easier to leave because leaving makes you feel powerful. You are in control. You don’t have anyone playing mind games or giving you mixed signals or having any sort of grip on your emotions. Leaving sets you free. You’re on your own. You’re the leader. You call the shots. No one can hurt you when you’re alone.


It’s easier to leave because staying hasn’t served you well in the past. Every time you stayed, they showed why you should have left. Every time you stayed, they end up leaving first. Every time you stayed, they took you for granted. Every time you stayed, they eventually kicked you out.


It’s easier to leave because it gives you the illusion that you’re doing the right thing. It makes you wait for the person who magically shows up and stays. You think you’re buying yourself some time by waiting but no matter who you meet or who falls in love with you, at some point you’ll have to learn how to stay even though you’re tempted to leave. You’ll have to stay when things get hard. You’ll have to stay even if it means things could end in heartbreak again. You’ll have to stay because relationships don’t work when both people leave, they work when both people are committed to staying when it’s easier to leave.


So you can learn how to leave all you want. You can be so good at leaving and protecting your heart. You can be stress-free and happily doing everything on your own but there will come a time when leaving will get so old. When you’ll get tired of running and starting over and walking alone without a hand to hold or a shoulder to lean on. You’ll want to rest and you won’t find anyone else to take over because here’s the thing about staying, it’s risky and it’s hard but it’s worth it and here’s the thing about leaving, it’s easy and fun but it stops you from finding love. It stops you from finding the one thing that could truly change your life.


Wherever you are in the world, have a lovely day ❤

A, x (1)