When Your Horoscope Makes Sense

I am a firm believer of Horoscopes, (some may not be & I respect that) however, I am.

It’s crazy how my horoscope can really relate to certain things in my life.

I turn to my horoscope in times of help, support, faith & love.

I was born 03/11. which makes me a Scorpio – This is todays horoscope:

Some repairs in life are worth making yet some are not. For example, if your car needs a new starter, it’s a reasonable investment to repair a vehicle that is proven to be reliable. But some repairs in life are not worth making. To use the car analogy again, Scorpio, if your car needs a new engine and transmission, and it doesn’t have the value to make it worth it, you probably would sell it or junk it & look for another car. Some situations in your life may or may not be worth saving now. Consider your situation carefully, take the far horizon approach & do what you know will be the best for you in the long run. 

I am so happy that this has come to me at this time in my life ❤

I have asked & have been seeking help & support so for this to me to me, really puts my mind at ease.

Are you a fan of horoscopes? If so, share w/ me why?

A, x (1)