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Hello loves, ❤

I am a little behind in my posts 😦 I am so sorry. (Especially in my bootcamp ones)

Happy Wednesday – I hope everyone is having a lovely day so far ❤

I have been SO SO SO sick 😦 I have the flu real bad, I barely have a voice 😦

It’s thrown me off guard so much, I’ve been eating soup for the last 3 days straight. Teas & soups, thats all I’ve been having. (It’s like being on a soup diet)

I got the flu vaccine but in all honesty I don’t think it’s worked bc I am so sick now 😦

My throat feels like razors 😦

HOWEVER… I’ve been pushing myself to go on walks on my break in the sun to get some fresh air 🙂 & I feel that’s been helping a bit. I’ve been coconut pulling, trying to draw the toxins from my body & I’ve been trying to rest as much as I can 😦

Another 1000 views added to the bag! 81,000 HERE WE ARE! I am so grateful for all of you ❤ Thank you for putting up with my good days, my bad days, my very, very bad days & when I want to give up.

Your support & guidance does not go unnoticed ❤

Thank you to the below people that have re-blogged my work:

I am hoping to be back on my feet by the end of the week 😦

What does everyone have planned for the upcoming weekend?

Wherever you are in the world, have a lovely day ❤

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Anxiety Is Constantly Worrying, Even When Nothing Is Wrong


Hello loves, ❤

It’s a beautiful day, it seems like a normal day, you could be at work, at the grocery store, at school, and out of the blue, your mind starts building worry and fear that something isn’t right, your mind is tricking itself into believing that something is wrong. You begin to have racing thoughts and begin to feel jittery and tense, you lose complete focus on the present moment, you are shaking, and you feel overwhelmed. Then, you start to feel alone because you don’t know how to handle this situation; you might even start crying, but nothing is wrong.

This is what anxiety looks like: Constantly worrying when nothing is wrong. Some people experience this every day.

We all deal with anxiety in some form or another, whether it’s when you’re pulled over by the cops or about to give a presentation in front of a crowd. But for some, anxiety is a much stronger, more fearsome force, one that never goes away.

It can be a variety of things that set off anxiety or nothing at all. For example, public places or big crowds can set anxiety trigger for many. This may sound absolutely ridiculous to you. Things that are simple or no-brainers for others cause them extreme anxiety.

Anxiety not only affects the mind but also the body, it causes muscle tension, sleep disturbances and overthinking, cause people with anxiety to be exhausted most of the time.

Anxiety commonly leads to depression, because they are fighting a battle with their own mind, anxiety causes them to feel frustrated and fall into sadness because they feel irrational and crazy at times for the little control they have over their own thoughts.

No matter how many times a person with an anxiety tells themselves to calm down and that there is nothing wrong, they still have the feeling. Living with anxiety is a serious detriment to their everyday activities, like school, work, and even hanging out with friends, everything takes so much effort to do.

Anxiety isn’t just overblown nervousness.

Those who suffer from anxiety may feel alone in their disorder. They feel like no one believes that simple “nervousness” could be so crippling, therefore is so important to be more understanding of those with anxiety. Although it may not sound like much to you, this is a huge deal for those who suffer from mental illness. Try to be patient and don’t expect them to get better in a short amount of time.

Anxiety is a serious issue, it disrupts their daily lives and makes them a living hell. If you know someone with anxiety understand that it isn’t their fault and sometimes they can’t control when they are anxious or when they have an anxiety attack.

You may already know what anxiety does in general, but take the time to get to know how their anxiety personally affects them. It’s different for everyone.

Be aware and care.

Wherever you are in the world, have a lovely day ❤

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Those Times When You Forget You’re Not Alone

Hello loves, ❤

“I don’t know how I’m going to get through this.” 

We’ve all felt this way at one point or another. I’m sure that you’ve also thought this before.

There are some moments that feel impossible to get through. There are some moments that make you feel broken. There are some moments that make you feel like nothing you do will ever be able to make everything okay again. There are some moments that will make you feel like you can’t be fixed.

You feel like everything is crumbling. You feel like nothing is going right. You start to feel like no one understands you. Perhaps you don’t have anyone to talk to. Perhaps you don’t want to talk to anyone about your problems. Perhaps it will feel like you only have yourself.

However long it lasts, even if it is one hour, it could feel like a lifetime. Nights like these can feel extremely long, especially if you can’t seem to fall asleep. It is possible for your mind to become your worst enemy. You can start to feel weak and alone.

But, you’re not alone.

I want you to remember the strength that is in your soul. You are stronger than you think. You are stronger than you allow yourself to believe. You can get through anything that is thrown your way. And not only will you get through it, but you will also learn from it. You will come out of any situation even stronger than you were previously if you pay attention to the lessons. You will even learn certain things about yourself that you never knew were possible. You can take the pain that you felt and turn it into fuel. Then, you can turn that fuel into love. After you heal, you will understand why you had to go through what you did. You will get clarity. You will get a greater understanding.

Through it all, I want you to remember that you’re not alone. Going through hard times can be difficult because there will be moments that you will feel like no one else is going through what you are going through. However, I want you to know that there is someone out there who is going through the same exact thing that you are going through.

Yes, humans are different. Yes, they are unique. Therefore, no one is exactly the same. However, the beauty of emotions is that everyone feels them. Everyone feels pain and everyone feels hurt at one point or another. There can be someone across the world who is going through the same thing that you are. And, even though you might not know them, it is comforting to know that someone else is dealing with what you are dealing with.

You are not alone. And, if ever you feel alone, I hope that you remember this: You will get through it. Keep holding on.

Wherever you are in the world, have a lovely day ❤

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I Feel Like I Am Not Enough

Hello loves, ❤

I’m supposed to love myself, even if I’m single. Even if I keep getting my heart broken.

I wish I had more confidence in myself, but that’s not how my mind works. I am unsure. I am insecure. My self-worth wavers, depending on how you treat me on any given day.

When you compliment my hair or invite me over to your place or actually text me back without making me wait, I feel a surge of confidence. On those days, it’s easier to love myself.

The rest of the time — when you ignore my messages, don’t want to see me or don’t want to cuddle. I feel ugly. Stupid. Annoying.

The tiniest compliment from you can make my entire day. But the smallest slight can make my stomach drop and destroy my confidence.

You have the power to change my perception of myself. Your opinion of me impacts my opinion of myself.

When you hurt me, I can’t shrug it off. I can’t convince myself it’s no big deal. When you hurt me, I break down. I freak out. I feel insignificant. I feel inferior.

You might not mean to impact my self-esteem, but your actions have consequences. Either I’m excited about how well our conversation just went or I’m annoyed about how distant you have been acting.

There are some days when you boost my confidence, but most of the time, you make me feel like I am not enough. You make me feel like I have been doing something wrong. You make me feel like I am not worth your time.

I hate how much I care about whether or not you like me back. I hate how seeing your name pop up on my phone brings me butterflies and being ignored by you sinks my stomach. I hate having such strong feelings for you.

I know my self-worth is not supposed to depend on some boy. I am trying my hardest to appreciate myself, to love myself, to take good care of myself even if you fail to see my value. I am working my ass off to become a better, stronger person. A person who actually likes the girl staring back in the mirror.

But I would be lying if I said that your opinion doesn’t make a difference to me. It matters more than anyone else’s does. It matters so much more than it should.

Wherever you are in the world, have a lovely day ❤

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