Blog Share #6

Thank you to The Gem Reveal for blog sharing my ‘Start Today’ post on your blog.

It can be found here:

I really appreciated that she has taken the time to read my blog, find interest in it as well as post it to her own blog, that is very eye opening to know that someone finds interests in my blogs. 

I enjoy her blog bc its very personal, she shares her playlist w/ you, she/” even share her favourite movies w/ you – but the most favourite post I have come across so far is:

i found happiness in this post bc I could most certainly relate to what was posted. We all experience dark times, times where we feel the world dis against us & you want to give up. Reading this particular blog most certainly gave me HOPE & FAITH. 

Out of the 10 posts that she showcased, I have been working towards every single one of them more to create more of a positive lifestyle which will also lead to a positive attitude.

Thank you for the blog share The Gem Reveal, I look forward to your blogs in the future.

Blog Share #5

What a beautiful blog share! Thank you so much Explosion Of Paint for posting this blog! My Daily View post really inspired her to share this post of hers on her blog.

Just reading the first paragraph of her post, I was INTRIGUED! That sounds like me before bed, every night! I don’t like bright lights, I love the light from my turtle lamp or Himalayan salt lamp, its so soothing & calming.

What a beautiful photo that you showcased, I wish I lived near mountains & lakes however as she mentioned I do live in a very busy city… Now, don’t get me wrong, the city-life is rush-rush, everyone is in a rush to get no where fast, the train station consists of people that barge & push past you, the train consists of people that have no consideration to get up for you when you need to get out of your seat. It isn’t necassarily a ‘calm’ environment HOWEVER… being 50 levels above all the chaos at the end of my day, quiet office, staring out the window… To me that is peace. (The ground level is not peace, lol)

I love that ‘peace’ is defined differently for so many people, that is what makes us all different.

Be sure to tag me if you whenever you post your ‘Daily View’

I am so happy to see Explosion of Paint’s view on peace, this is beautiful, here is the photo that was posted: