Blog Share #3

I put up a post last night of the sunset that I witnessed at work & spoke about how calm sunsets make me feel.

I was astounded to than see a link from Kathleen from 161daysinparadise, my sunset post motivated her to put up some ammmmmazing sunset pictures from Barbados. (Thank you Kathleen for taking the time to write this post & share all these photos)

I think it’s crazy that we all see the same sun, there are no two suns! And, we all see & capture different sunrises & sunsets.

I am a very big lover of photos – I take photos of EVERYTHING! (I think I have a photo problem)

I would love to see other sunrises & sunsets across the world, be sure to tag me in your sunrise & sunset posts 🙂

The below photo is my most favourite from Kathleen’s blog post.

Barbados is 16,144kms away from Sydney, Australia – even though its so far, staring at this picture really makes me feel like I am there.