You Sabotage Your Own Life When You Decide To Live Someone Else’s

Hello loves, ❤

You are ruining your own life by living someone else’s. 

That is truly the only way I can describe comparison, a habit that is running rampant for millennials in this insane world of social media. These days, we have instant access to every in and out of our peers, co-workers, and old high school friends’ lives and we constantly feel that we are behind in some way.

My sister who is 19 got engaged last year – I was shocked and slightly jealous at the same time. I just thought to myself, “Wow, if she is engaged right now, I must be really behind in my life. Everyone else is ahead of me.”

It makes you nervous and your face becomes all hot, flushed, and you end up recoiling into your shell, bringing yourself down, every chance you get because now you think you aren’t good enough compared to someone else’s life, someone else’s highlight reel.

But it’s time you realize that you aren’t everyone else and you can’t compare yourself to anyone because what works for you works for you and you aren’t like everyone else.

Yeah, your sister may have gotten engaged & is now planning her wedding but do you really want to sacrifice your 20s for that right now? Is that for you? 

The time you are spending comparing yourself to everyone else is the time you could be using to lift yourself up and tap into your God-given destiny.

I think it can really be said that we all struggle to hold onto a healthy sense of our own reality because we are constantly being bombarded with everyone else’s.

But you have to remember that life doesn’t work the same way for everyone at all. 

Some may be working to get back to school, some people may be finishing school, some may decide to have a baby, while others may have no kids are looking for part-time work to make ends meet.

I don’t want you to miss the calling on your destiny because you were too busy focusing on someone else’s, too busy believing that you have to be like everyone.

You owe it to yourself not to screw yourself over by trading in your life for someone else’s.

There’s a reason everything has worked out the way it has for you and that is no coincidence.

Revel in that and decide that you matter.

Wherever you are in the world, have a lovely day ❤

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Pure Love


Hello loves, ❤

I wish for unshakable love ❤ A love that is pure, kind & supportive. Some points below when you know you have a pure love ❤

1. Every fight comes to an end. You rarely have repeated arguments, because as soon as a problem arises, you find a way to fix it. Neither of you gets into a habit of making the same mistake over and over again. You might mess up once or twice, but then you will promise to change, and actually follow through on that promise.

2. You are both putting in effort. You never feel neglected because your person does an equal amount. You take turns washing the dishes. Folding the laundry. Paying for dinner. It’s not a one-sided relationship by any means.

3. You aren’t obsessed with whensYou are never caught saying things like, “Everything will be okay when we have kids” or “We will be happier when we have more money.” You are happy right now. Not only in your daydreams. Not only when you’re picturing what could happen in the future.

4. You still act like you’re in the puppy love phase. Even though you have known each other for a long time, you still grab each other like two teenagers in love. You cannot keep your hands off each other. Your affection hasn’t reduced as you’ve aged.

5. You accept their shortcomings. You have seen all of their flaws, but they aren’t dealbreakers for you. Even if they never changed a single thing about themselves, you would be happy with their looks and personality. You like them exactly the way they are.

6. You have confidence in them. You trust them to stay loyal. You trust them to tell you the truth. You have complete faith in them, because they have never given you a reason to doubt them.

7. You talk positively about them, even when they aren’t around. You never complain to your friends about them. Whenever their name appears in conversation, it’s to brag about how happy you are and how much fun you had over the weekend. You rarely complain.

8. You cannot imagine dating anyone else. You never think about your other options. You know you are already with the right person. The person who fits you better than anyone.

9. You leave the past in the past. You aren’t still mad about something they did three years ago. You never bring up old errors to win arguments. You never hold grudges. You talk to them about how you are feeling and move on.

10. You’ve been through every emotion together. You have been by their side when a loved one died. When their career was in jeopardy. When their stress levels were high. You haven’t only seen them at their best. You have seen them at their absolute lowest and still stuck by them.

11. You are on the same page about your future together. You agree upon where you want to live in the future, whether you want to get married, and how many kids you want to have. You might not have originally agreed, but you were eventually able to come to a compromise that made you both happy so you wouldn’t end up living with resentments.

Wherever you are in the world, have a lovely day ❤

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69,000 Views, Yay!

Hello loves, ❤

Happy Friyay – Hope you’re all doing well.

What a CRAZY week its been – As mentioned, the last few weeks have been CHAOTIC.. Well atleast my brains been filled with chaos lately.

It’s crazy what anxiety can do to us both mentally & physically. All these crazy & anxious thoughts send me into a stage of panic however it then gets to me physically & I start shaking, having headaches, getting dizzy, sore bones & muscles.
I don’t like the way it makes me feel 😦 I get really down & sad when I feel this way.

BUT.. I am trying to stay positive & dig myself out of this hole.
It’ll take me the same amount of energy to dig the hole deeper compared to getting myself out.
I just need to focus on the GOOD, the POSITIVE, the HAPPY, the SMILES.

I seen B last night & we had a good little chat (I love our chats), I also  got a lot off my chest, which I appreciated ❤

BUT THEN… We started talking about her WEDDING! AHHHHH! She’s getting engaged!

Here is a collage of us two 🙂 🙂 🙂 Do you think we look alike? ❤


I purchased her a little gift, cant say what it is, incase she’s reading… HI B ❤ I’ll share it after I’ve given it to her.

So when I see her next, I shall give her that. I am so excited bc B & my little sister are getting married, so this is very exciting. The planning, the research, the travelling, the bridal expos, I am so excited for this!

Another 1000 views to add to the bag, finishing the week off on a HIGH NOTE!

So close to 70K, I can smell it ❤

Thank you to the below people that have re-blogged my work:

Beautiful words below from Eva, she honestly put the biggest smile on my face reading this ❤ I am so appreciate of her beautiful soul ❤

Kind Words 28

What does everyone have planned this weekend?

I hope you have the best weekend spending time with your loved ones.

Wherever you are in the world, have a lovely day ❤

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My Anxiety Makes Me Strong

Hello loves ❤

I’ve struggled with anxiety for the last 3-4 years.

It has become apart of me and will remain that way. There are days where I wish it would leave me in peace. There are nights when it screams at me, intensifying my fears and questions. There are days where I am plagued by it, where I can do nothing but wait it out. But there are also days where I am grateful for it.

I’m not saying anxiety is beautiful. It’s not. I know first hand. It’s painful and scary and it lies to you all the time. Anxiety is a powerful mental illness. And just like depression, it can end up in tragedy.

Millions of people have anxiety. And I know everyone suffers from it in different ways. Everyone has different coping mechanisms. Everyone has their own story. And I know many of you will disagree with me that anxiety can sometimes bring people closer together. But, this is MY experience. This is my story. This is not a generalization on the entire population of my peers that suffer from anxiety.

I’m not here to tell you what YOUR anxiety feels like or looks like. I’m here to talk about MY anxiety in hopes to start a conversation about anxiety and to enforce the notion that EVERYONE is different and EVERY kind of anxiety disorder manifests in different ways.

I have anxiety. But I’m still a person. I’m still worthy of love, just like anybody else. Anybody with any type of mental disorders are lovable and should believe that. Love should never be discriminatory So why should anyone let their mental disorder get in the way of finding love?

For me, my anxiety can be crippling. But on the other hand, it makes me incredible empathetic to anyone and their own kind of suffering. My anxiety makes me think more about people I care about and the individuals I love. It has made me realize that as humans, we all suffer, but we are all still worthy of big and magical love.

I’m a woman with an anxiety disorder. I’ve had my fair share of panic attacks. I’ve had ER visits and mental health days off. I’ve had my body physically become ill from the swirling and whirling of anxious questions and thoughts in my head.

My anxiety is terrible and tiring. I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy, but it doesn’t define how I see myself and how I picture my future.

My anxiety is not beautiful, and it never will be, but it makes me listen. It makes me feel even more strongly when I have thoughts, when I’m in love, and when I’m falling out of it. My anxious thoughts make me suffer, but it makes me a better person. Why? It makes me aware that I am human. It makes me aware that everyone is flawed and everyone has parts of themselves that they hate, but they still deserve to find their soulmate. Everyone does!

When I get married, I will listen carefully to my partner. I will communicate effectively, because my anxiety has taught me that lack of communication makes me snowball into a panic.

When I get married, I will be aware that just as I suffer, my partner suffers too. And even if it’s with different disorder or different problems, their pain is still valid.

When I get married, I will make sure my partner feels cared for, and loved, despite their imperfections.

When I get married, I will make my partner the happiest man alive. Why? I will make sure he will never feel like he has to hide from me, just as I will never hide my pain from him. I will never judge his anxieties or anything that he tells himself late at night. I will make sure he knows that he is loved, regardless of what he thinks about himself.

For me, I realize that anxiety is really hard. And for my fellow people around the world who suffer from it too, I wish I could take it all away. But as it plagues me, is also makes me a better person. A better human being. One that is more caring. One that is more sensitive towards other people. One that is more understanding. One that listens more clearly.

I don’t want to always think of my anxiety as something that makes me more ugly or more imperfect. Sometimes, I want to believe that it makes me stronger. That it makes me more brave.

And when I do marry, I know one thing is for sure. I will not let my anxiety ruin that love. I will let it be. I will nurture myself just as I will nurture my significant other. And I will not judge his mental illnesses or ugly parts in his heart.

I will love him, whole heartedly. And he will love me, my anxiety, and everything that makes me, me.

Wherever you are in the world, have a lovely day ❤

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