To The People We Can Call Our Home

To The People We Can Call Our Home

Hello loves, ❤


As we grow older, “home” starts to become people we invest our hearts in, rather than the four walls and roof we grew up under.

Throughout our lifetime, we have come across many kinds of people who have come to mean many things to us. Some are people who have proven to be friends for life, some come by for a season, some prove to be otherwise, while some end up leaving – either for reasons we are able or unable to comprehend.

As we grow older, we become more skeptical of the people around us, their actions, and we doubt acts of kindness as well. All of us have had our fair share of being broken; not being able to comprehend the feeling in our chest when something has pained us.

As we grow older, our circle of friends, or rather the people we show our genuine selves to, becomes smaller. When the going gets tough, the true colors of the people in our lives will be shown. Will they stay with you when you feel like you amount to nothing; or were they there all along for a share of the glory?

But this goes out to the people in our lives that we can call “home,” the people that have come to matter most.

If no one has told you this today, this week, or recently, this is our gratitude to you. Thank you for existing.

Thank you for being present. Not many people will actively choose to stick around for the side of us that isn’t cheerful or fun. Thank you for being there in the silence, and understanding that sometimes just being listened to is assurance enough.

Thank you for staying; staying even when we allow the storms within us to overwhelm us. When the waves crash over us and we are desperately trying to keep our head above the waters, you see through to them and offer a hand to help lift us back up again.

Thank you for loving me. Loving me on the days where I feel unworthy, where I feel trapped in a flurry of emotions that I am unable to explain, where I feel cornered with the flashbacks going through my mind. That despite how much of a freak we can sometimes feel, you choose to love and understand instead that we are all on our own journey of getting to who we are meant to be.

Thank you for believing in me, even more than I believe in my own self. Thank you for calling me out on the irrationally high standards I put myself up to sometimes, for being honest without ever being mean, for encouraging me in ways you might not have even realized.

Thank you for being unapologetically yourselves. Seeing how comfortable you are with who you are has inspired me more to embrace who I am. I am not perfect; in fact, I am still working on being the best version of myself. Thank you gently pushing me bit by bit to aim for greater heights, and yet still being quietly supportive till I get there.

Thank you for being patient with me. Despite catching glimpses of my fears, anxiety, and hurt, you’re still willing to stay for hours on the phone listening to our rants on God knows what. Thank you for the hugs, the affirmations, all in the efforts to calm me down. Thank you for sticking by me through the tears, the rage, and for the days where I struggle to breathe.

Thank you for seeing past my strong exterior; and knowing that although I strive to be a rock for others, there are times when I feel I’m unable to even hold my own head up. That despite my weaknesses, you choose to see beauty instead of scorning them.

We don’t say this enough but thank you for being in our lives.

Thank you for being my home,

And I hope that I’ve been there for you as much as you have been there for me.

Wherever you are in the world, have a lovely day ❤

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Make Your Day Better

Hello loves ❤

Below are some small adjustments to your mornings that you can make to have your day flowing with positive vibes 🙂

  • Get up the first time your alarm goes off, so you don’t keep falling back into a deep sleep that it’s hard to come out of. The more you snooze, the more exhausted you’ll be.
  • Don’t immediately start scrolling through your phone as soon as you get up. It’s fine to check the time and any important messages, but try nixing the habit of scrolling continuously through Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and everything else the minute you open your eyes.
  • And going off the point above, give your brain the gift of a little bit of silence when you first wake up. If it feels absolutely bizarre, start slow at first. Just try 60 seconds – where you look out the window or sip your coffee or simply sit at the table, without looking at any screens. Just sit there and breathe in the moment and let yourself take your time.
  • Stretch. Your limbs will thank you.
  • Write down three things you’re thankful for from yesterday. It will remind you to head into your day searching for things to be grateful for, rather than searching for things to be angry or stressed about.
  • Send a text to someone you love and say something you know they’d love to hear. It can be as simple as I miss you or Thinking of you.
  • Read something that will bring you motivation, peace, or encouragement. It can be an inspirational quote or an essay from one of your favorite publications or a chapter from a book you’re trying to get through. It will be such a nice and serene break from the loudness and frenzy of social media.
  • Smile at strangers when you’re heading to work – you’d be surprised how many smile back.
  • Say something nice to a coworker when you get to the office. The benefits of starting the day out with some positive energy are endless.
  • Drink three times as much water as you do coffee.
  • Treat everyone with kindness.
  • Treat yourself with kindness.


Wherever you are in the world, have a lovely day ❤

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Completely In Love With You

Hello love,

I didn’t see you coming, you know. When you walked into my life it wasn’t some dramatic entrance, it wasn’t some sort of spectacle. Lights didn’t shine down and focus solely on you, despite that I couldn’t have taken my eyes off of you either way. I didn’t know that when I met you, you were going to become such a large part of my life. I didn’t know I would want you to be.

I wasn’t sure I would want anyone to be, for a very long time.

The truth is, I didn’t know in the beginning just how long you would stay. I spent the first few weeks, even months, filled with a mix of overwhelming excitement about every new experience we had together and underlying nervousness while I waited for the other shoe to drop. I am used to the idea that the moment you get too excited about something, that’s the moment it slips from your grasp. I’ve learned that once you think you have something to call yours, it makes it known it never was to begin with.

You definitely are something that I am not used to. The way you handle things, the way you look at the world, the way you look at me, are things that feel so foreign. I enjoy discovering new things about you. Whether it’s by you telling me yourself or when I manage to catch a moment of you being who you are, unashamedly. I have found comfort in the way you manage to not get tired of having me around, despite that I wait for you to say it. I appreciate how if I ever do something that does get to you, you tell me, because you’re not afraid to do those kinds of things. I adore the way that you’ve always respected me in my decisions, my ideas, and all the things that are important to me.

The truth is, somewhere along the way of all these whirlwind moments I fell completely and remarkably in love with you. And it scares me sometimes.

It scares me in the way that somehow my heart has made more room for someone that it ever has before. It scares me that I can love someone so much already and still feel like I don’t know them the way that I should. It scares me that in the moments where I let my guard down and can briefly see a future in it that includes you and me, that it doesn’t seem constraining or suffocating. It scares me that I can look at you and see a person I might want to share a home with someday, that I can look at you and see home in a person.

Yet at the same time, I can admit that loving you has been far more incredible than anything else. The moments where I know I can have the worst of days and you wrap your arms around me, no questions asked. The moments where we spend what feels like hours laughing at something we both found hilarious, even if no one else would’ve found it nearly as amusing. The moments where I open myself up to you because I know I can trust you with all the parts of me, not just the ones that are seemingly perfect. The moments where when I’ve looked back on my days and weeks, I realize that my most favorite moments usually included you, too.

I may not know a lot of things about how my life is going to turn out. I may not have any idea where I’ll be in the next few years, or what I’ll be doing. All I know is that I’m holding onto some hope that you find yourself right there with me, just like you are right now.

Because I’m completely and remarkably in love with you. But it’s starting to be a little less scary than it used to be.

Wherever you are in the world, have a lovely day ❤

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