Raise The Vibrations In Your Home

Raise The Vibrations In Your Home

Hello loves, ❤

We often talk about places and people exuding ‘good energy’ or ‘bad energy’ – when we really mean the energy is high or low.

In scientific terms, describing energy as high or low is actually describing the rate of vibration or frequency.

The higher a ‘vibration’ of a person or place, the better we feel. And the higher the vibration of our homes, the better we feel in them. They become a safe haven, a space to recharge our batteries and lift our spirits.

Here are 15 ways to raise your home’s vibrations for health and happiness.

  1. De-Clutter

Removing clutter, duplicate items and things that we no longer have a use for can free up space, and leave us feeling much happier and more comfortable.

Pare down your wardrobe, dump the ‘just in case’ items you never use, and always choose quality over quantity. Other ways to de-clutter your home include borrowing instead of buying, using multi-purpose products and spending on experiences rather than ‘things’.

  1. Burn Herbs

The burning of herbs, a practice known as smudging, has been used for thousands of years to cleanse the air of impurities such as bacteria and viruses. Smudging is also used as a traditional mystical ritual, changing, clearing and shifting the surrounding air.

Take a dried bundle of herbs and light it, then quickly blow the flame out, allowing the smoke to waft around the house. Both the healing properties and scent of the herbs are released into the air. While sage is by far the most popular herb to smudge with, pine, rosemary, and lavender are also good options.

Smudging can be used to clear your space when:

  • You move into a new home
  • You begin a new job or career
  • A guest leaves your home
  • Before meditation
  • You have just had an argument or suffered an illness

You can also burn an herbal incense by blending ground herbs together and placing the mix on a lit charcoal disc on top of your incense burner.

Use sage, thyme, rosemary, lavender, peppermint, pine needles, frankincense or patchouli to clear the air, and your space.

  1. Diffuse Essential Oils

Essential oils work to cleanse your home and help you feel light and uplifted by diffusing their unique and pleasant scent through the home. Many also have potent antimicrobial properties which remove airborne viruses and bacteria.


To raise the vibrations in your living space, try diffusing rose, basil, cypress, frankincense, juniper, lavender, myrrh, sage, peppermint, sandalwood, cinnamon, rosemary and eucalyptus.

If you don’t have a diffuser (and here are 10 reasons why you should) you can also mix up a cleansing room spray and spritz it around the home.

Mix six tablespoons of filtered water and 10 to 40 drops of essential oils of your choice in a small spray bottle. Shake well before each use.

  1. Switch on Himalayan Salt Lamps

These softly glowing salt lamps are a natural source of fresh, clean air – just what you need to cleanse your home while providing an aura of calm.

Because they attract water, they have the incredible power to remove dust, pollen, smoke and other impurities from the air. Himalayan salt lamps also give off negative ions which mean they increase energy levels, remove static electricity, neutralize electromagnetic radiation, encourage sleep and improve overall mood.

  1. Play Music

Music is more than just entertainment or an art form. It can have a soothing and healing effect on the whole body and alters the vibes in whatever space it fills.

Several studies have shown that the right kind of music provides pain relief; benefits the heart, blood and immune system; enhances learning; fights fatigue; and promotes sleep.

Of course, its ability to improve our frame of mind is beyond doubt. For the most mood boosting and positive vibrational effects, choose Classical, Jazz, Folk, Orchestra, Soul or Opera music. If they don’t do it for you, crank up anything that makes you feel good – whether that’s Jason Mraz, Florence and the Machine or Tracy Chapman!

  1. Add Plants and Fresh Flowers

Experiencing nature and all it has to offer is a surefire way to enjoy positive vibrations, mindfulness and an uplifted mood. Eco-therapy (being in nature) has even garnered the attention of the scientific community as many studies find it fights depression, and improves mental health and well being.

Why not bring nature indoors and attract positive energy to your home? One way to do this is to fill your living space with potted plants and fresh flowers – their bright colors and fragrance also make for a welcoming space.

According to experts, certain plants are better than others at promoting positive energy and improving wellbeing. Some of the best include cactus, bamboo, jasmine, lavender, miniature roses, rosemary, mint, chrysanthemums, aloe vera and orchids.

  1. Consider Crystals

Using crystals for healing and positivity dates back to ancient times. The Sumerians made magic potions from quartz, the Greeks wore amethyst as amulets, and the Chinese used jade in medicine.

Try adding these popular crystals to your home, said to have numerous benefits:

  • Turquoise – the master healer, highly regarded for its protective and ‘lucky’ properties.
  • Bloodstone – a powerful energizer, boosting enthusiasm and emotional wellbeing.
  • Smoky quartz – helps you let go of negative energy.
  • Rose quartz – helps to open and heal the energy of the heart.
  • Carnelian – attracts fortune and encourages creativity and motivation.
  • Quartz crystal – balances the body and clears the mind.
  • Celestite – relieves stress and inspires happiness.
  • Citrine – helps you to be present and live in ‘the now’.
  • Aventurine – attracts new opportunities.

Even if you don’t believe in the healing powers of crystals, they will add some bling to your home which is guaranteed to improve your mood!

  1. Choose Colors That Positively Affect Your Mood

The colors used in our home are a direct reflection of our personalities and can affect our moods and our thoughts – in the most subtle of ways!

Our reaction to a color is unique to us so choose what feels right for you. In general, we are affected by color in the following ways:

  • Red – raises a room’s energy level and gets the adrenaline and blood pumping. It can be too stimulating for some people, and some spaces. Crimson can invoke feelings of rage and hostility.
  • Yellow – is energizing and uplifting, it captures the joy of sunshine and signals happiness. Too much yellow can create feelings of frustration and anger.
  • Blue – can be calming, relaxing and serene but can also cause feelings of sadness.
  • Green – the most restful color for the eye, it promotes comfort, calm and growth.
  • Purple – dark tones are associated with luxury, creativity and the dramatic. Lighter versions bring the same restful quality as blue, but with more warmth.
  • Orange – evokes excitement, enthusiasm and energy.
  1. Light Candles

Candles have been used for millennia to provide light, convey calm and highlight celebration. Their deep yellow glow is hypnotic, reflective and a great focal point for meditation.

Burning any candles will help increase the vibrations in your house, but choosing your candles in certain colors and scents (like those listed throughout this post) will raise them even higher.

  1. Let the Fresh Air In

A stuffy, oxygen-depleted home can lead to feelings of lethargy and low mood. It’s just a plain unpleasant place to be! One of the easiest ways to refresh the air is to open your windows. Just letting in a few minutes of fresh air each morning before you go to work will cleanse and rejuvenate.

Increase the oxygen levels in your home and you’ll soon feel more energized, you’ll sleep better and enjoy improved overall health.

Other ways to keep your indoor air feeling fresh include avoiding chemical air fresheners, washing smelly clothes right away and keeping your pet beds clean.

  1. Meditate

Raise your own vibrations through positive thought, clear intention and a focused perspective – also known as meditation!

When you do, you will begin to feel happier and less stressed. You will enjoy greater concentration, awareness and self-acceptance. There are physical benefits too – like better heart health, immune function and longevity.

Once you begin to feel the beneficial effects of meditation, you’ll soon begin to associate them with the place you mediate – your home!

  1. Fill Your Home with Beauty & Happy Memories

Make your home an extension of you! Choose items that have meaning, that make you happy and that inspire you.

When choosing to keep or remove each piece, ask yourself if it evokes good or bad memories, or has positive or negative connotations.

Artwork, books, trinkets, signs, memory jars and framed photos all serve to turn your home into a place of positive energy – just don’t stand for clutter!

  1. Cut Down on Electronics

Having the television turned on can affect the atmosphere of a given room – depending on what is playing and how it makes you feel. Be conscious of when and what you watch on television.

What’s more, there is a direct cause-and-effect relationship between the amount of time spent watching television and eventually being diagnosed with depression – something that will definitely lower both your vibrations, and those of your home!

14. Remove Toxins

Having a house filled with chemicals and other toxins is sure to negatively impact your health, your mental wellbeing and the vibes around you.

Clear the chemicals from your personal care products with these natural beauty tips, and make sure to eliminate these sources of hidden toxins from your kitchen and pantry.

  1. Create a Space for Relaxation

While your entire home should feel like a place you can relax and enjoy, carving out a sanctuary in a room, cubby or corner just for you is important. Appreciate this space and relish the time you have for yourself – spend at least ten minutes there every day.

You can use it for meditation, reading, yoga, or anything else that will revitalize you and raise your vibrations!

Hope the above has helped you all ❤

Wherever you are in the world, have a lovely day ❤

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To The People We Can Call Our Home

To The People We Can Call Our Home

Hello loves, ❤


As we grow older, “home” starts to become people we invest our hearts in, rather than the four walls and roof we grew up under.

Throughout our lifetime, we have come across many kinds of people who have come to mean many things to us. Some are people who have proven to be friends for life, some come by for a season, some prove to be otherwise, while some end up leaving – either for reasons we are able or unable to comprehend.

As we grow older, we become more skeptical of the people around us, their actions, and we doubt acts of kindness as well. All of us have had our fair share of being broken; not being able to comprehend the feeling in our chest when something has pained us.

As we grow older, our circle of friends, or rather the people we show our genuine selves to, becomes smaller. When the going gets tough, the true colors of the people in our lives will be shown. Will they stay with you when you feel like you amount to nothing; or were they there all along for a share of the glory?

But this goes out to the people in our lives that we can call “home,” the people that have come to matter most.

If no one has told you this today, this week, or recently, this is our gratitude to you. Thank you for existing.

Thank you for being present. Not many people will actively choose to stick around for the side of us that isn’t cheerful or fun. Thank you for being there in the silence, and understanding that sometimes just being listened to is assurance enough.

Thank you for staying; staying even when we allow the storms within us to overwhelm us. When the waves crash over us and we are desperately trying to keep our head above the waters, you see through to them and offer a hand to help lift us back up again.

Thank you for loving me. Loving me on the days where I feel unworthy, where I feel trapped in a flurry of emotions that I am unable to explain, where I feel cornered with the flashbacks going through my mind. That despite how much of a freak we can sometimes feel, you choose to love and understand instead that we are all on our own journey of getting to who we are meant to be.

Thank you for believing in me, even more than I believe in my own self. Thank you for calling me out on the irrationally high standards I put myself up to sometimes, for being honest without ever being mean, for encouraging me in ways you might not have even realized.

Thank you for being unapologetically yourselves. Seeing how comfortable you are with who you are has inspired me more to embrace who I am. I am not perfect; in fact, I am still working on being the best version of myself. Thank you gently pushing me bit by bit to aim for greater heights, and yet still being quietly supportive till I get there.

Thank you for being patient with me. Despite catching glimpses of my fears, anxiety, and hurt, you’re still willing to stay for hours on the phone listening to our rants on God knows what. Thank you for the hugs, the affirmations, all in the efforts to calm me down. Thank you for sticking by me through the tears, the rage, and for the days where I struggle to breathe.

Thank you for seeing past my strong exterior; and knowing that although I strive to be a rock for others, there are times when I feel I’m unable to even hold my own head up. That despite my weaknesses, you choose to see beauty instead of scorning them.

We don’t say this enough but thank you for being in our lives.

Thank you for being my home,

And I hope that I’ve been there for you as much as you have been there for me.

Wherever you are in the world, have a lovely day ❤

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Home Decor (I assembled the chair all by myself!)

Autumn is my favorite

Hello loves, ❤

Happy Saturday – I hope you are all having a wonderful weekend ❤

This blog post is a little different from my usual anxiety posts 🙂 BUT… I wanted you to be apart of these (Also, bc I am very proud of myself)

I am big sucker for PINTEREST! If you haven’t seen my pinterest boards, you can see them HERE 🙂 I love everything on there from recipes, fashion, fitness, well being & most of all home inspiration. I love pinning things to my Home Inspiration board – I love white houses, white interior, white furniture, anything white!

I seen this picture on pinterest & something told me that I wanted to re-create this in my own bedroom ❤

(Sorry about the quality, sometimes the pictures on pinterest are the best once you save them onto your phone)

I went about my morning duties, 4 loads of washing, washing my sheets & covers, cleaning my room, putting treatment in my hair, showering etc.

It was a lovely self care Saturday morning.

I then decided to go to KMART – Now… One thing you must know about me, is that *drum roll* I think KMART IS LIFE! I aim to have my whole house Kmart one day ❤ I don’t know what it is but I am addicted.

Now I purchased the arm chair, the white pillow & the plant from kmart today & I was so excited however I did have to do two trips to the car bc the box for the chair took up the whole trolley.

After that I came home & I started playing handyman!

Normally, I would get my dad to help out & put it together but I was home alone so I did it all by myself 🙂 *pats self on shoulder*

I did have to stop halfway through making this to make myself some mushroom & chicken aracini balls.

They tasted delicious – Just the motivation I needed ❤

One I finished assembling the chair it was time to arrange the little corner/nook the way I wanted it.

So, below to the left is what it looked like before & the right is after. The rug, lightbox & bed side table is also from Kmart but they were purchased a while ago (As you can see my whole room is nearly Kmart)

Now, I know it doesn’t look identical to the pinterest photo BUT.. I am happy with my twist to it 🙂

Yes, I know I’ve said for MONTHS (literally) that I will be doing a room tour, now that I feel like everything is complete, I think I am going to work hard on getting that blog up soon ❤

Hope you all have a lovely weekend, what does everyone have planned?

Wherever you are in the world, have a lovely day ❤

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Pamper Routine

What does a pamper night for me look like?

WELL… I had a pamper night last night so I would love to share it with you how that went for me what products I use.

I haven’t showcased all the products below in a photo & blurb about them.


  • Organise Natural Lip Scrub – this guy isn’ tin the photo but i did a post about him last night (Organic Natural Lip Scrub) This made my lip feel super amazing.
  • Bondi Sands Tan Eraser – this is a LIFE SAVER, saved my
    life of looking like a blotchy Dorito.
  • Carbon Coco – to whiten my teeth, literally the best thing ever – activated charcoal is free of nasties too 😛
  • Sukin Facial Cleanser – this helps remove any makeup off my face that my makeup wipes don’t get off.
  • Lush Dark Angels – I have done a blog on this (Lush Dark Angels Review) this is amazing; really cleanses where your makeup wipes don’t get.
  • Sukin Moisturiser – this is the only moisturiser I use that doesn’t break out my skin, & for that this is my holy grail.
  • Lush Dream Cream – this is AAAAAAAAHHHHHHMAZING! makes my skin feel so so so smooth after I use this, def a MUST have!

If you have any recommendations, I am all ears; I love hearing new products to try out.

Where ever you are in the world, have a beautiful day.

A, x (1)