Stressed? Anxious? You May Need More Vitamin B.

Vitamin b

Hello loves, ❤

Stress is a big thing that we all encounter, some more then others 😦 It’s unfortunate but we need to learn to deal with bc if we let it take its toll, this is where we fall into ruts & feel down etc.

I have purchased Mega B from Natures Way & I am so excited to try this bc it helps out the body so much.

See below the benefits of the different types of Vitamins B ❤

The research into the importance of B Vitamins for dealing with stress is well documented. One study coming out of Swinburne University in Melbourne found that participants taking a Vitamin B-Complex supplement reported a 20% reduction in work related stress. This is in contrast to the control group in the study, who were given a placebo and reported no significant change in stress levels.

Vitamin B is not one vitamin, rather it is a group of vitamins that can help support our bodies during stressful times.

Let’s look at each of the B Vitamins that can help support your body during stressful times, and why each is important.


Foods rich in thiamine include fish, nuts, seeds and green peas.

Thiamine is needed for:

  • maintaining nerve health.
  • mood regulation
  • energy production
  • may play a role in memory and concentration.


Foods rich in niacin include beetroot, beef liver & kidney, fish and seeds.

Niacin is needed for:

  • supporting the digestive system.
  • mood regulation (B3 deficiency can lead to depression, irritability, stress and mood disturbances).
  • Energy production.
  • Control of blood sugar and nerve health.


Food sources of pyridoxine include bananas, beef / turkey liver, tuna and chick peas.

Pyridoxine is needed for:

  • helping manufacture neurotransmitters, such as serotonin, which aids in the body’s ability to cope with depression, stress and anxiety.
  • immune system support.


Food sources of folate include broccoli, spinach and dried legumes (chick peas, lentils, beans).

Folate is needed for:

  • energy production.


Food sources include fish, meat (especially liver), poultry and dairy.

Vitamin B12 is needed for:

  • general brain support.
  • supports melatonin and serotonin production (both of which are critical  to mood, relaxation and sleep.


The B group vitamins are not stored b y the body like many other vitamins and minerals. Whatever B Vitamins you eat that are not absorbed by your body are excreted within hours. As such, a Vitamin B Complex like Nature’s Way Mega-B taken daily might be of benefit, particularly during times of stress when we tend to neglect our body and diet. Taking a Vitamin B Complex supplement is a good way to ‘top up’ your daily vitamin B levels and, research suggests, may be an effective way to reduce stress levels (or at least better equip our bodies with the right nutrition to deal with stress).

I will start taking note of how I feel etc & I’ll re-group in about 4 weeks & share how I am feeling & if my stress levels have improved ❤

Wherever you are in the world, have a lovely day ❤

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You Are What You Eat


Hello loves, ❤

Happy Wednesday 🙂 It’s Wednesday here in Sydney, Australia AND… Winter is coming, brrrrr. I am having to pull out the knits, the sweaters, the big coats & the scarves.

We are here today to talk about, YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT.

Now I am a big, firm believer on this – I cannot describe how much I believe in this.

The reason I am such a big advocate for this is bc I have experienced this first hand.

Now, as most of you all know over the last 4-5 weeks, I’ve been feeling really BLEH (thats probably the best way to put it) Now when I get into these mindsets, I either fall 1 of 2 ways.


When I am stressed, the above 2 pointers is what my body goes through.

Now, there was a good 5-6 day streak 2 weeks ago whereby I ATE EVERYTHING IN SIGHT. Chip, chocolate, lollies, McDonalds, pizza… Now even though this was satisfying my sweet tooth for about 3 seconds, the aftermath is what I felt the most.

I felt bloated, I felt lethargic, I felt so tired, I felt unmotivated, I felt so anxious, I felt depressed, I felt upset. I also noticed my face was getting a little pimply 😦

Now I know for a fact that this is due to the fuel (food) that I am putting into my body.

My body was literally running off sugars, sodium, artificial flavours, artificial sugars etc.

For example, you can’t expect a car to run good on crappy fuel.

Then last Monday I said to myself, I AM GOING TO STOP THIS & START FUELLING MY BODY.

I have chosen to not touch lollies, chocolate, fast food, junk food & even dairy.

I’ve noticed when I eat dairy, it tends to run straight through me (TMI, I know, I am sorry) & I also feel VERY bloated. Does anyone else feel this way?

I’ve switched out my milk to ALMOND MILK – Best choice I’ve made. Almond milk is delicious, I have been having this in my granola, in a oats & even in my hot chocolates (but I’ve even stopped the amount of hot chocolates I have been having)

Almond milk is healthy for you, please see the benefits below:

  • Reduces Blood Pressure

  • Maintains Healthy Heart

  • Strengthens Muscles

  • Improves Kidney Health

  • Vitamin E to Help Skin Health

  • Improves Vision

  • Strengthens Bones

  • Anti-Cancer Properties

  • Boosts Immunity

I’ve been more aware of what I am eating & what I am putting in my body & also where it comes from.

Having said that, when we change what we eat & focus on being more healthy, this also changes our thought pattern, I feel so much more positive & energised. I am sleeping better, I am less anxious & I feel happy.

Has anyone ever had the same experience whereby they feel YUCK after eating fast food or junk food & then feel completely different after they eat healthy food?

I am hoping some of my lovely followers can relate to this ❤

Let me know in the comments below 🙂

Wherever you are in the world, have a lovely day ❤

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This Is Exactly Why Your Life Has Been Falling Apart Lately

Hello loves, ❤

You may have experienced sudden changes in your life in the last year. For most of the people I know, 2017, was extremely difficult and this year is no exception.

You may ask how is it possible that so many of us seem to go through similar phases in their lives? The reason lies in the language of energies. Everything in this universe is energy based. Our bodies, thoughts, and feelings aren’t an exception.

Imagine that every person emits specific energies into their environment. These energies then join the energy field around the Earth which impacts all of us. Vibrations don’t know any boundaries; they easily permeate everything. Thus we continuously influence everything on this planet, and it all also affects us.

We’re all connected more than we dare to acknowledge.

But energies don’t stop here. We’re also impacted by energies of planets, stars, and pretty much anything in the universe. Hence when we act without love, we’re the ones who receive the positive aftermath.

There is absolutely no action, thought, or feeling that we can truly hide from others. At a subconscious level, we all read these energies and see even what others don’t want to share with us.

The curtain between us was thicker for thousands of years, but now it’s becoming tenuous again. Other words, we’re now more sensitive to any subtle changes in our environment.

All this happens for us to purify our deepest parts so that we can step into our full potential.

This is the actual reason behind the ups and downs of your life. Everything other than love must come to the surface so that you can acknowledge that part of you and return it to love.

Practically, this means that you’ve been tested the last couple of years, and especially in the previous year, to recognize your true self.

Your true self is independent of anything negative that has ever happened to you.It’s the part of you that knows that you’re unlimited being and you can make anything happen.

In fact, that’s why you have all these beautiful dreams – to act on them.

But there is also the part of you that is scared and feels separated from others. It’s the little inner voice holding you constantly back from acting on what you love. It incessantly whispers into your ear that you’re not good enough and you don’t deserve the love, abundance, and career you deeply desire. Although you may believe this little voice more than your true self, it doesn’t mean that what it says is true. Because it’s not.

The little self is the part of you that has been neglected and rejected and is crying deep within you for your love and attention. It just wants to be loved.

The intense energies that have been on this planet lately are here to help you to recognize your little self so that you can finally transform it back to love.

Therefore, we’re now going through the similar situations that we had believed to be already gone. Any illusion that you used to believe to be true is now coming back to your life so you can review how much you’ve changed. So you may think of your past lover again. Or your financial worries creep in at full speed. Perhaps you start to eat junk food because you don’t feel good – just like you used to do.

Then you wonder if you’ve changed at all. It can feel very frustrating to step into the same waters a couple of years later with the same intense feelings as no time has passed. You may question your sanity and prospects for being ever happy.

And this is precisely the purpose of it all – to see whether you’ve truly mastered your lessons. The universal energies create a simulation of everything you’ve battled with. It looks very real and you may feel like all the personal development stuff is worthless. Exactly when you (seemingly) hit bottom again, you can tell whether you’ve truly changed.

The question is: “How are you going to deal with the same frustrating situation now?”

The choices you now make are crucial for your future because they determine how many times you still have to face the same diversity.

So when life happens, remember, it’s like a computer game when you repeat the same rounds, so that the designer of the game knows with certainty that you’re ready for something entirely new.

What is now asked of you is to step into your power and light. Face situations with all the greatness that you carry in your heart. If something still needs to heal, it’s okay. Give it your full attention and love. Learn to work with your little self consciously, and you won’t feel stuck ever again.

Choice by choice, let your true self shine through you so bright that it changes your entire universe.

Wherever you are in the world, have a lovely day ❤

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Endorphin’s at the Gym

Hello loves, ❤

I am not going to lie, over the past week my mental health has been all over the place – I understand that my blog is about being at a HAPPY PLACE & things you can do to improve your mental state of mind. HOWEVER… I am human & I can’t always be happy.

Sometimes I have down days too, sometimes even down weeks. Sometimes I am so anxious that I cannot focus at work all day & just go home + go to sleep.

I must admit, going to the gym DOES boost my mood & make me feel better ❤

I’ve pushed myself this week & attended the gym Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday (It is now Thursday morning here in Sydney, Australia). I drove myself there after work, even though I didn’t want to be there & I worked out afterwards… I FELT GREAT. I walk in feeling ‘ehh’ & I walk out feeling GREAAAAAT!

Many studies show that people who exercise regularly benefit with a positive boost in mood and lower rates of depression.

Improved self-esteem is a key psychological benefit of regular physical activity. When you exercise, your body releases chemicals called endorphin’s. These endorphin’s interact with the receptors in your brain that reduce your perception of pain.

Endorphin’s also trigger a positive feeling in the body, similar to that of morphine. For example, the feeling that follows a run or workout is often described as “euphoric.” That feeling, known as a “runner’s high,” can be accompanied by a positive and energizing outlook on life.

Endorphins act as analgesics, which means they diminish the perception of pain. They also act as sedatives. They are manufactured in your brain, spinal cord, and many other parts of your body and are released in response to brain chemicals called neurotransmitters. The neuron receptors endorphin’s bind to are the same ones that bind some pain medicines. However, unlike with morphine, the activation of these receptors by the body’s endorphin’s does not lead to addiction or dependence.

Regular exercise has been proven to:

  • Reduce stress
  • Ward off anxiety and feelings of depression
  • Boost self-esteem
  • Improve sleep

Just remember that if you are having an off day or even off week, it is okay, it is normal, you are human, these things happen.

Wherever you are in the world, have a lovely day ❤

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