56,000 Views, Yay!

Hello loves ❤

I hope you are all well 🙂

We are already in FEBRUARY! I cannot believe how fast January went! I feel as though I have blinked & the whole month just flew past. Did any one else feel this way?

I had such a great day yesterday – You know when you have a great day & it consists of A LOT of self care… THAT WAS MY DAY YESTERDAY 🙂

I left work early (bc I was allowed to), I went home & washed my new car for the first time (it’s sah shiny), than I went to the gym & did arms + abs, came home & rode 24kms on my exercise bike. I went on to shower, put a treatment in my hair, exfoliate my body, do a face mask & moisturised & watched some youtube before bed. it was such a peaceful afternoon doing some of the great things I love.

i have been feeling mentally yucky over the last few weeks & to have an afternoon like that really put my min at ease, it really made me feel happy & calmed my brain ❤

On a brighter note…

Here we are again, another 1000 views to add to the bag! We are now on 56,00 views! LOOK AT US GO TEAM! Woohoo, before you know it we’ll be at 60,000 :O

I couldn’t have gotten here without you lovely people, all your follows, likes, comments, re-blogging. Even all the awards I get nominated for, means the world to me ❤

Thank you to every one that has gotten me to where I am today in the blogging world.

Thank you to the below people for re-blogging my blogs:

Thank you to our special guest Michelle from Recovery Pride for supplying a beautiful piece to my blog just yesterday.

If you haven’t checked out Michelle’s blog post yet, click here 

Thank you to Your Success Inspirer for re-blogging Michelle’s post also.

What does everyone have planned for the weekend?

Wherever you are in the world, have a lovely day ❤

A, x (1)


New Look For Discovering Your Happiness

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Why does Discovering Your Happiness look different?

Well, friends, I CHANGED MY THEME!

Going from a free plan to a now paid plan, I have been granted the ability to access more amazing themes.

I get a fair few of you lovely people asking what theme I use so I’d love to share that Discovering Your Happiness has made a change.

Going through them today Independent Publisher 2 Theme really caught my eye – it is very neutral, monochrome, plain, simple, clean, tidy & I feel that this fit my criteria more than the Sela Theme (which is what I had before)

My website was a series of different colours, the homepage looked very busy, cluttered, messy which distracted me as a viewer from an outside perspective.

I had marble at the top, pink menu bar, bunch of photos on the home page not aligned w/ the sidebars – everything was just very out of proportion & so many colours were clashing.

I had a picture collage that was an eye-sore (in my eyes) there was just so many photos bunched together that the meaning behind them was lost.

Now, w/ my new theme – we are rocking grey, black & white (my favourite colours) when you hover over things the writing changes to a mauve colour (which I love!)

This theme is so clean, I love it! This really brings out me & my personality. It reminds me of my bedroom (I will do a bedroom tour soon!) All white! Everything is white! My bed, bed side table, bedspread, walls, curtains – feels like I’m on a big fluffy cloud.

I’ve now removed the cluttered photos & showcased my latest 3 blogs, easy access for those that want to see my recent posts.

My side bar & bottom widgets are still the same… for now, hehe 😛

I also now get to showcase my logo at the top of my website instead of the side now.

Discovering Your Happiness is undergoing some great changes at the moment / Stay tuned as some new exciting things are coming to my website.

Be sure to check out my new layout, & give me some feedback 🙂

A, x

It Took 6 Days! (7000 Views)

Another 6 days later & we’ve added another 1000 views to Discovering Your Happiness!

We are now sitting on 7000 views!


I have some great changes that are happening to my blog site, I will be removing some things as well as adding some new exciting things 🙂 So most certainly keep an eye out!

Once again, appreciation post for everyone following me, liking my posts, commenting on my posts & those that take the time to read my posts – none of your efforts go unnoticed.

I am forever grateful to have support of those around me & uplifting me on my blogging journey.

Their support really motivates me to work hard on this & really make something out of it.

The support & love I get from you lovely people inspire me to keep moving forward & providing content.

Stay tuned for great things to come 😁😁