Spring Cleaning = Therapeutic

Saturday was a great for me this week – I woke up, put a load of washing on, I went & did a full body workout @ the gym for 2 hours (felt amazing!) I than came back, showered & started spring cleaning.

Spring cleaning is super therapeutic to me as I think a cluttered room is a cluttered mind – I also think that less is more.

It truly calms my mind when I clean, it keeps my mind busy. I also enjoy taking the time to make my space calm & relaxing.

I literally cleaned my room from top to bottom, threw out 4 bags of things I’d like to donate, ie books, dvds, clothes etc.

I went to Kmart & bought the most amazing storage containers: http://www.kmart.com.au/product/storage-container-with-lid—grey/804507 They were $7.00 each, best $35 I ever spent – I bought 5 of them for my bedroom.

Kmart is honestly the best store in the whole entire world – I absolutely love it! I could spend all day in there. I literally want my whole house to be from kmart, the whole kitchen section is amazing, the furniture section is amazing, the bedding section is amazing (they have great bed spreads), the homeware is amazing also – argh, the love I have for kmart is not legal.

I also cleaned my storage shelves also – I always had things cluttered on here but I cleaned all these & put less on there which made more of an effect.

I used one whole cube shelf as my messy book shelf which didn’t look very presentable. So, I moved all my books into my wardrobe & set them nicely.

I’ll def add some photos into this blog to show how everything looks 🙂

DIY Bath Bombs

Ingredients and Supplies:

  • 1 cup baking soda
  • 1/2 cup citric acid
  • 1/2 cup Epsom salts
  • 1 tsp. water
  • 2 tsp. essential oil
  • 3 tsp. coconut oil
  • food coloring (any color you want)
  • bowl
  • whisk
  • bath bomb mold


  1. Sift the dry ingredients in a bowl and then mix them all evenly with the whisk.
  2. In a separate container, mix the liquid ingredients together. Note that in this step, the essential oils, fragrances and colors are added.
  3. Slowly add the liquid mixture to the dry mix, one small spoon at a time. Mix this mixture w/ your hands, it should feel like wet sand & you should be able to clump it together in your hands.
  4. When well mixed, you simply pack this mixture into a bath bomb mold and pack tightly, then let it dry. Work quickly so as not to let the bath bomd mixture dry out.
  5. Let this sit for 24 hours to set, than…. ENJOY 🙂


I’ll def share a post on how this pans out, haha – this is my first time so we’ll see if they worked 🙂 (Photo below of the bath bombs in their molds)


Hacking Happy Chemicals


Dopamine motivates you to take action towards your goals, desires & needs – it gives you a surge of reinforcing pleasure when achieving them.

Procrastination, self-doubt & lack of enthusiasm are linked w/ low levels of dopamine.

Break big goals down into little pieces so you can create a series of little finish-lines which releases dopamine.

Create new goals before achieving your current one, this ensures a consistent pattern for experiencing dopamine.


Serotonin flows when you feel significant & important.

Loneliness and depression are present when serotonin is absent.

Gratitude practices can help you remind that you’re valued and significant.

Although too much ultraviolet light isn’t good, some daily sun exposure is healthy for boosting your serotonin levels.


The release of oxytocin creates intimacy, trust & strengthens relationships.

Often referred to as ‘the cuddle hormone’ a simple way to keep oxytocin flowing is to give someone a hug.

Giving someone a gift will also cause their oxytocin levels to rise.


Endorphins are released in response to acute pain & stress to help alleviate anxiety & depression.

The surging ‘second wind’ and euphoric ‘runners high’ when running are a result of endorphins.

Along with exercise, laughter is one of the easiest ways to induce endorphin release.

Keep some scented oils & dark chocolate near your desk for a quick endorphin boost.