Conquering Goals

I’ve loved self-help and personal growth advice ever since I can remember. I feel like I have a good awareness of myself and what I’m capable of, and I’m always interested in learning how I can continue to grow as a person.


The only problem is when I get influenced by what other people are doing, I want to do it all.


A lot of us think we ‘should’ be doing things because we’ve listened to a podcast, read a book, or watched a video where someone shared habits or goals they’re working on. Suddenly we feel inspired to set the same goals. We might even feel guilt-tripped into doing them.


If you’re constantly setting new goals, they might not align with what’s truly meaningful to you. You might just end up getting burnt out from your own ambition.


That’s why it’s so important to get 100% clear on the WHY for your goals. You need to set meaningful, crystal clear goals in order to stay on top of them.


Ready to start setting new goals for yourself and actually follow through with them? Think of this as a mini-guide to help you get clear on your goals, break them down into manageable action steps, and hold yourself accountable. Let’s get started!



The most important part of the goal setting process is to get super clear on what you want to achieve. You want to set goals that are going to move you closer towards where you want to be.



Here are some questions to ask when setting goals:

  • What’s my biggest priority right now?
  • Why do I want to achieve this?
  • Is this a should or a want?
  • Does this align with my values?
  • Will this matter in 6 months?

Once you’ve decided on what you want to achieve, it’s time to make your goal even more concrete.



Ask yourself the following questions:


Specific: Is my goal specific?

Measurable: Can I measure my progress? How will I know when my goal is achieved?

Attainable: Is this actually something that can be achieved?

Relevant: Is this relevant to my life and desires?

Timely: Can I set a due date or time when I will work on it (daily, weekly, by Oct 7)?

Goal example: I will move into my own apartment by December 15.



I would recommend working on no more than two big goals at a time. Any more than two and you’re going to burn yourself out, and it’s going to be more difficult to make progress.

Once you’ve set yourself a goal, it’s time to plan out how you’re going to make it happen.



In order to make progress with your goals, you need to make sure you know exactly how you’re going to achieve them. Instead of the monthly goals I used to set for myself, I’ve started setting 1-2 quarterly goals instead. You can actually achieve something big if you give it three months of your time.



Let’s use the SMART goal example I mentioned above: I will move into my own apartment by December 15. Kind of random, but let’s go with it.

Now what’s going to happen between now and December? It’s easy enough to say that you will accomplish your goal by December 15, but there are other steps that are going to need to happen between now and then.

With this goal, you have three months to prepare to move out of your parents’ place. You might break it down so you have one action step for each month (October, November, December). Within each action step, you could then have three mini-action steps.



After you’ve decided on these action steps for each month, you can add these into your calendar and spread them out throughout the month. This ensures that you’re not leaving everything until the last minute.

Now that you’re clear on your goal and you know how to make it happen, let’s talk about following through with everything.



The biggest struggle when it comes to goals is following through with them. If you’re not feeling super motivated or clear about your goals, it’s going to be even harder to make them happen. Follow-through takes self-discipline, patience, and dedication.

There are five components to staying focused on your goal:

  • Reminders
  • Motivation
  • Accountability
  • Rewards
  • Patience



One of the things that makes achieving goals harder is when you forget what you are even working towards (we all do it, our brains are all over the place). Make it easier for yourself by writing out your goal and action plan and keeping this visible or easily accessible.



Review your goal(s) every morning. Whether you’ve written them down in a word document, notebook, or printed it out, take two minutes every morning to look over them. Most importantly, look at your why for wanting to accomplish your goal. Make sure you have this written down so you don’t forget it.



Accountability is one of the most important aspects of achieving anything in life

  1. Start a mastermind group: Get two or three friends/coworkers/bloggers together and share your goals. Keep each other updated on your progress every week and cheer each other on.
  2. Tell people about it: Share your goal with a handful of people or broadcast it to your entire social media network. Putting your goal out into the world makes it feel more real, plus it gets other people excited for you . When I started to write my eBook, I announced to my email list that it would be ready by July 15. Since I didn’t want to disappoint anyone, I held myself to my goal.
  3. Make someone else hold you to it: Make your partner, friend, family member, or coworker hold you accountable to your goal. Let them know that you’re going to need encouragement along the way, and ask them if they’ll check in with you every now and again.



Sometimes we all need the promise of a reward to actually make us do something. When setting your own goals, think of something you could reward yourself with when you accomplish it. Maybe it’s something big like a trip or vacation, or maybe it’s something small like ‘when I accomplish this step, I’ll let myself binge watch Netflix’.



Finally, patience is absolutely necessary when it comes to achieving your goals. Sometimes when we have days where nothing seems to be going right and we feel like we’re making no progress, we have to remember that these things take time. Luckily you have your action plan to help you map out exactly what you’re going to do, and this can help you to see what you’ve already accomplished. Daily progress and patience are key to making your goals work for you.
Wherever you are in the world, have a lovely day ❤

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WE HIT 10,000 VIEWS!

One word = AMAZED!

My lord, we have gotten to 10,000 views – you have no idea where my head is at!

I did not believe that I would ever get 10,000 view on my blog :O

I am so forever grateful for the support that I receive from EACH & EVERY ONE OF YOU! I would be where I am w/ my blog if it wasn’t fBe-thankfulor every single one of you.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your support, love, guidance, opinion & advice along my journey here on WordPress. I have learnt many things along this journey not only about my website itself but also about myself as an individual.

As promised, I will be doing a 10K giveaway, stay tuned for that AND… I will also be jumping back on Instagram, so keep an eye out for that post welcoming back my instagram.

You are all such amazing souls, & I am so blessed to have you all following my journey.

I pray that my blogs have interested you in some way or another 🙂

Stay tuned for my giveaway & also my social media post.

A, x (1)


100th Blog Post & Big News To Share!

My blogs have finally reached a 3-digit number! I cannot believe it!

100 blogs in just under a year & to think that I even took a fair few months off at the start of this blog journey due to doubting myself, thinking my blog wasn’t good enough etc.

I am enjoying this, I really am!

I enjoy sharing my journey w/ you all, whether that would be recipes, travel or even just my daily blogs.

I cannot believe how many views that my blog are getting, it truly warms my heart at the amount of support I have from people I don’t even know, I thank each & every one of you.

Thank you all, your support & nice comments do not go unnoticed.


So, I have some great news that I would love to share with you all.

I have decided to remove the ‘wordpress’ from my URL 

I think it’s time for the word ‘wordpress’ to be removed. Discovering Your Happiness has come such a long way & I think as a ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY present to my blog is to remove the wordpress name from my URL.

^ I am so excited to be sharing this big news with you all.

I am so grateful for how far I have come & how far my blog has come. *pats self on the back*

We are so quick to criticise ourselves, which is extremely unhealthy for us both physically & mentally however we never quick to pat ourselves on the back & praise ourselves.

So here I am patting myself on the back for all my hard work & consistency… Look where I am now.

I thank God for all this #blessed


It Only Took 10 Days! (3000 Views)

I am speechless yet again! It is amazing to think that the views on my blog increases as the days go by, more & more people are viewing my blog & it warms my heart that you lovely people take the time to read my blogs, comment nice things etc.


I was sitting at 2000 views 10 days ago & in just 10 days I’ve increased by 1000 views.

I cannot believe how far Discovering Your Happiness has come.

At the start I didn’t even think I was going to get a few views, I honestly thought ‘no one will want to read about my life!’ & I was okay w/ that – I just wanted a space to write & keep my mind busy.

To be so vocal about my life is something I have not done in the past, people don’t know my story nor do I want them too.

However, making a blog site here on WordPress motivated me to share my story, my journey & also tips on how I cope w/ anxiety. I also wanted to add some fun things on here along the way, places I travel to, healthy recipes, things I do at the gym etc.

I’ve made this a place of comfort – a place where I can vent yet also a place that I can share coping tips yet also a place that I can share what I did on the weekend & what I ate etc.

I like that I’ve made it a mixture of things & everything is categorised on the top bar when you enter my blog.

Little off track BUT… thannnnnnk you again to each & every one of you that take the time to read my blogs.

Thank you once again from the bottom of my heart, I am so appreciative.

God Bless you all 🙏🏽✝️🙏🏽✝️