8 Bible Verses To Help With Anxiety

Philippians 4:6-7

Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.

Psalm 62:8

Trust in him at all times, you people; pour your hearts to him, for God is our refuge.

Psalm 55:22

Cast your cares on the Lord and he will sustain you, he will never let the righteous be shaken.

Psalm 61:2 

When my heart is overwhelmed, lead me to the rock that is higher than I.

1 Peter 5:7

Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you.

Joshua 1:9 

Be strong & courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go.

Matthew 11:28

Come to me, all you who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.

Hebrews 13:6

So we may boldly say, ‘The Lord is my helper; I will not fear. What can man do to me?’

Ways To Make 2017 Better

  1. Find a “third space” that makes you happy.

We need more than just work and home. It’s nice to have extra places (coffee shop, gym, nice park, library) when you leave work but don’t necessarily want to hang at home- this is the place you’d see as ‘zen’, this is the place you will go to switch off & be in your own element.

  1. Take 15 minutes each night to make your mornings easier.

Prep your breakfast, even if its just placing the porridge packet on top of the bowl w/ your banana (that’s one less thing to do in the morning!). Pack your lunch, that way you are not running around frantically in the morning. Pick out your clothes, this one is a big one as I try on 3-4 different outfits in the morning (which takes up time), have them prepped & you can put them straight on. They could be little things as mentioned above but these little things make a very big difference to your morning & also your mental state of mind as you feel more organized.

  1. Spread the love.

Be kind, be humble, be supportive, be happy – these vibes are clearly seen by those around you & also your vibes do radiate so people can tell how you feel just by a vibe you give. Do something nice for someone you care about. Then they feel good, you get to know that you made them feel good, and overall your friendships will be super fun and fulfilling.

  1. Change your sheets.

This one is so exciting (can clearly see I am getting old when bed sheets excite me!) But it’s true! Clean sheets make us feel fresh & clean, they also make me feel organized & ready to tackle a new week. Put clean bed sheets on every Sunday, it will help feel fresh for the week ahead

  1. Make a vision board.

Vision boards are fun to work with, whether its magazine clippings, polaroids, tickets, goals, healthy food, workouts, places you’d like to go in the future – make it visual, make it something you constantly see – we are more prone to work towards goals when they are put in front of us.

  1. Make time every day to do something to make you smile.

Some of us are all stuck in that 9-5, we wake up work, come home, sleep – we sometimes feel like we are robots. But, find time in the day that is ‘YOU’ time, find time to do something that makes you smile. Whether its reading a book, speaking to your friends or partner, journaling etc. I spend an hour travelling on the train to & from work, this is ‘my’ time, I like to read or watch some favourite youtubers, this just helps me switch off for a little bit – I also like to read & write at night this help me settle my brain & reflect on the day which is good.

  1. Spend time in the mornings setting yourself up for the day.

Your mornings are crucial as they set you up for the day, do what you love in the mornings to set you for the day. I like to exercise in the mornings, this gets me ready for the long day ahead that I have & I feel motivated as I had my ‘me’ time in the morning & I got to work out so I feel physically & mentally great.

  1. Embrace loose-leaf tea.

It sounds silly, but I love taking the time to measure out the tea, boil the water, steep it in the tea pot, and drink it. It’s a nice 20 minutes that I have for myself to clear my mind and enjoy a quiet moment in the morning. Plus it wakes my mind up so I’m alert when I get in the car and go to work.

  1. Allocate yourself guilt-free days off to just do nothing.

I have found that if I am dreading something, I am either too tired to do it or I’m unprepared. So taking time to rest or finish is more effective than ‘powering through’. I end up feeling better and being more effective at the same time, so win-win.

  1. Face your fears.

I started facing my fears this year because I was forced into a situation where I had to be really assertive and confrontational. And it wasn’t so bad. Step out of your comfort zone & you’ll be surprised at why you didn’t make this move earlier.

  1. Love yourself.

This is a big one, never doubt yourself, never compare yourself – be happy with the person you are – YOU ARE UNIQUE! YOU ARE YOU! Embrace it, enjoy the person you are, learn to love the body you are in.

  1. Put pen to paper.

Journalling is AMAZING! You’d be amazed at how therapeutical this is! It will change your life! It’s always good to write down thoughts , reflect on the day & also write in a gratitude journal, why you are thankful – it doesn’t need to be a whole story, just 3 pointers why you are thankful for the particular day.

  1. Exercise in the morning.

As I have mentioned in previous blogs, I go through phases about this so the above isn’t accurate, but I love working out in the mornings, I don’t do it as much as I’d like to but working out in the morning is great, great energy is about in the air in the mornings as the rest of the world is asleep.

  1. Keep a list of things that make you happy.

I keep a list of little things like comments, good experiences, and conversations that have made me happy in the notes on my phone. Whenever I’m feeling kind of sad or just cranky, I look through the list. It always makes me smile and remember why I have so much to be grateful for.

You can even write affirmations in your notes on your phone, or even in a book & keep it in your handbag. It’s amazing what the power of words can do to you.

  1. Enjoy the sun.

I think the easiest way to make my life better is simply THE SUN!. The sun does amazing things to our serotonin level, sunlight and darkness trigger the release of hormones in your brain. Exposure to sunlight is thought to increase the brain’s release of a hormone called serotonin. This is associated with boosting mood and helping a person feel calm and focused. At night, darker lighting cues trigger the brain to make another hormone called melatonin. This hormone is responsible for helping a person feel sleepy and go to sleep.

  1. Don’t let your phone wake you up.

Put your phone on Do Not Disturb every night before you fall asleep so you aren’t woken by notifications. Keep your phone on Do Not Disturb when working on your journaling, your ‘YOU’ time, when eating, when showering – it sounds silly but we truly aren’t aware how much we are on our phones – ITS CRAZY!

  1. Have a day off social media every now and then.

Having a day off social media every now & again is good for your mental health – As for myself, I have deleted Instagram about 2-3 months ago, & it was truly the best thing I did. I feel more present in the moment & no longer comparing my life to others as well as focusing on my own life etc.

  1. Make your bed.

It’s funny how doing this makes us feel mentally – for myself, making my bed is an accomplished feeling & it is satisfying to know that I have accomplished something within the first 30 minutes of being awake – it feels good knowing that a freshly made bed makes us feel great.

Shower Meditation

Try the below the next time you are in the shower 🙂

Every time you take a shower, visualize washing away your stress & anxiety. Concentrate on the feel of the water upon your skin, envision the power of the water washing away your negative thoughts. Feel sadness, regret, anger & depression washing right off you, let it all go down the drain, you’ll start to feel lighter & much more clear.

Managing The Mind


Whether it’s the last or first thirty minutes of your day, always schedule your day before it unfolds. You’ll be mentally prepared and know what to expect. Plus, you’ll be better able to handle unforeseen circumstances when you have a schedule to help you stay on track.


Yes, it was annoying when teachers insisted on checking to see if our agendas were properly filled out back in middle school, but it seems they knew something we didn’t at the time. A planner is probably one of the cheapest and effective time-saving tools you can buy—it helps you juggle multiple priorities and ensures that no dentist appointments, interviews, or conference calls go forgotten. If you really want to get crazy, color-code your tasks for ultimate organization.


While it may be tempting to ease into your day, you’re better off completing the hardest tasks first. Prioritize the three most important tasks of your day—whether it’s something you need to get done ASAP, a chore you’re dreading, or a time-consuming project—and get them out of the way. Once you check them off, your day will be that much easier.


According to the Huffington Post, the average worker spends 6.3 hours a day checking their email. Think of all you can accomplish in that time! Schedule purging times to look and respond to emails—think morning, noon, and before you leave the office. This allows you to check in periodically, but saves you from wasting time constantly switching between tasks.


When it comes to emails, organization is key for managing your time—there needs to be a method to the madness that is your inbox! Keep in mind that “inbox zero” is mostly unattainable, but you can use a few tricks to keep the chaos at bay. Create labels for correspondence (Awaiting Reply, Need to Reply To, Need to Follow Up, etc.) and once you’re ready, file those emails away into other labels for all your big categories. Check out a few more tips from Forbes or Asian Efficiency.


While it’s entertaining to check in on everyone’s weekend photos for a quick break, time can slip by unnoticed, and a 10-minute break becomes half an hour of wasted time. Social media is one of the biggest distractions and time-wasters. It’ll take some self-control, but learn to log out of all your social accounts before beginning a project. it’ll save so much time and procrastination in the long run.


As productive as we all try to be, there will always be downtime factored into our daily lives. Have a long commute on the subway? Use the time to catch up on your work emails so you can hit the office rearing to go. Debating whether you have enough time to go to the gym? Kill two birds with one stone and catch up on your reading while you’re on the elliptical.


Setting your own deadlines is key to avoiding procrastination. If you have an upcoming project, immediately outline the deadline in your planner. Then, create your own deadline for chunks of the project so you’re not rushing to finish it at the last minute—and stick to them. For example, if you have a feature article coming up, give three days for research, a week to schedule interviews, and a day to write each main section of the piece.


Ever spend more time than anticipated on a project or assignment? Give yourself a time limit for each one to help you stay on track. A time constraint will focus your mind and make you more efficient.


In your eyes, what constitutes time well spent? Your answer might change depending on the ebb and flow of life. Every few months, list five activities or things that are most important to you. Maybe it’s a side hustle, reading a new book every month, or picking up tennis. You’ll know where and when to dedicate your free time outside of work {click to tweet}, leading to a more productive and happy life.

Assess your workload or what’s currently going on in your life before you make another commitment.


I mean seven to eight hours of it. For some of you busy-bees, this may be the most difficult “skill” on this list. I know—there are never enough hours in the day. But being well-rested will allow you to be more productive the next day; no slogging through work because you can’t keep your eyes open.


Getting enough sleep will also make it easier to wake up early and start the day off on the right foot. I’m sure some of you are night owls and get your best work done during the moonlit hours, but I’m a firm believer that the early bird gets the worm.


A calendar is not only great because it helps you schedule all your appointments, meetings, etc., but because today’s calendars let you sync to other devices so you can access everything on the go. Take advantage of the calendar that comes with your email, such as Outlook, or your smartphone’s calendar. Google Calendar is also ideal, especially if you need to share your meetings with a coworker or your schedule with your spouse.


It’s important to take some downtime for yourself, which can be hard to remember at times if you’re on a roll with work. For your mental health, schedule buffer time during work, whether it’s a ten-minute break between tasks or a weekend off after an intense week.


The perfectionist in you wants to do everything, but you don’t have to (and shouldn’t!). Avoid stress and burnout from putting too much on your plate. Take a load off your shoulders by assigning the less important tasks, or those that may someone else’s strong suit, to your subordinates.