One Day You Will Remember Your Pain As A Thing Of The Past


Hello loves, ❤

I know it hurts now, and it will hurt for a while…longer than you may want, and much more excruciating than you may think. It may feel like you won’t surpass this, and that you won’t be able to bear the pain, but trust me, things will eventually get better through time.

Take your time to appreciate whatever it is that aches, and just let yourself indulge in the pain. Your misery now will eventually subside as your heart builds resistance to it.

Everything ends, may it be a season or life in general, and your pain is no exception. Just allow yourself to endure this much in order to realize what you are capable of.

Let your pain become an indication of your strength, and let your courageous heart be proof that hurting can be beautiful too.

Love yourself and keep reminding your soul that you are more than capable of taking on such test. Appreciate everything that’s going on in your life and embrace every difficult obstacle you go through. Have the strength to keep going no matter how hard it could be.

Nobody will help you heal except yourself. Anyone can tell you something, but you can always choose what to accept. Your healing depends on you, and that’s something you should decide on. You can keep crying as much as you want, wallow in everything your thoughts tell you, and just conquer every difficult night that blankets your vulnerability.

When you’re tired of the pain and everything else that hurts, start decluttering. Dispose every negativity and start over. Learn from your mistakes and get back on your feet. Let a stronger you be awakened from that deep slumber and face the world again with so much hope and willingness; give yourself another chance, and open your heart to possibilities once more.

You see, life and pain run parallel, but we can choose to let our pain be our strength.

One day, you will remember your pain as a thing of the past. You will remember your tears as droplets of regrets and your regrets as pieces of untold stories.

When that day comes, thank those who hurt you, for somehow they initiated the fabrication of your better version. Let them see your growth, forgive them for the pain, but never forget their contribution to your life.

Let a new person live in you – one who will always have a memory of a painful but beautiful past.

Wherever you are in the world, have a lovely day ❤

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85,000 Views, Yay!


Hello loves, ❤

Happy Wednesday – It’s Wednesday here in Sydney, Australia.

WHOOOOOOOOAHHHHHH! What a crazy week its been! So many great things have been happening ❤ I’ve just caught up on all my comments that I was SEVEN days behind in.

I took a few days off & went away to Palm Beach in Sydney, Australia – it was such a good getaway to switch off ❤ I shall blog about this soon & share some pictures etc.

I changed gyms & am so happy at my new gym. The people, the environment, the classes, the equipment, the bathroom, the kitchen area – It’s all amazing, I know my membership money is going to great things there.

I’ve been baking heaps – I love it, it takes me to another place ❤

I’ve been working so hard on my bullet journal (There is a post on that coming soon!) I am loving recording the way I feel, my steps, my physical activity etc.

I have been wearing my fitbit like crazy & have been in competitions with friends & family? Do you have a Fitbit? We could be Fitbit friends & challenge each other ❤

I know I am a little behind in emails also, so if you’ve sent me emails & I haven’t responded, I’ll be getting to that today ❤ I got so many emails from lovely people checking on me asking if I am okay bc everyone was seeing that I hadn’t responded to comments for over 6-7 days. You are all too kind & sweet to me ❤ ❤ ❤

We’ve jumped up a few thousand since my last post & since my absence. 85,000 – I cannot believe how far we have come ❤ Thank you for your kind & loving support, it does not go unnoticed, I am so happy I can use this platform to get things off my chest ❤ I love that I am not alone & there are so many people that can relate to me also ❤

Thank you to the below people that have re-blogged my work ❤

You are all so beautiful & loved ❤ Thank you once again for all your guidance & inspiration ❤

Wherever you are in the world, have a lovely day ❤

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