I Care About My Loved Ones More Than I Care About Myself

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Hello loves, ❤

I care about my loved ones more than I care about myself. I will not bat a single eyelash if you insult me, if you treat me like I am lesser, if you put me through hell — but if I find out you have been even slightly rude to someone I care about, I am going to make you regret that decision. I am going to hold an everlasting grudge against you. I am going to expect an apology, but even that will not be enough to satisfy my bloodlust.

I can handle heartache. But if you break the heart of someone I hold dear, then you are dead to me.

I care about my loved ones more than I care about myself. I will do anything for them. I will splurge on surprises for them, but I will feel bad about buying anything expensive for myself. I will encourage them to visit the doctor when they feel under the weather, but I will procrastinate when it comes to getting checkups myself. I don’t take care of my body as much as I should. I don’t care about myself the way I should.

I put all of my love into other people.

I will never choose the restaurant I want to visit or the music I want to play. I choose what I think will make the people around me the most excited. I put their wants before my own. Making them happy makes me happy.

I have trouble convincing myself that I deserve kindness and respect, but I know damn well what my loved ones deserve. They deserve to feel safe. Supported. Inspired. Loved. They deserve the world.

If you are someone I care about, then I am going to make you a priority. I am going to help you whenever you call out for me. I am going to be there no matter what. I will never let you down.

I care about my loved ones more than I care about myself. I would go miles out of my way for them. I would sacrifice my happiness for them. I would make myself miserable for them.

My soft heart has caused me to get taken advantage of in the past. I have given others love they never deserved. I have put in effort for people who refused to meet me halfway. I have been used. I have had my heart shattered.

Some people say I am too nice, but I cannot help myself. I have trouble spoiling myself, but it’s so easy to spoil other people. It’s so easy to make them the first and last thoughts of my day. I am a people pleaser. I am not comfortable unless everyone else in the room is comfortable first.

I care about my loved ones more than I care about myself — and I know that is my biggest strength and my biggest weakness. It is what brings me the most joy and the most stress.

Wherever you are in the world, have a lovely day ❤

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25 thoughts on “I Care About My Loved Ones More Than I Care About Myself”

  1. It’s rare to find people that put others first in a me-first world. That’s very commendable. God is a lot like that. He gives and gives to people that don’t appreciate it or even acknowledge it yet he keeps on giving. We follow Christ’s example when we give of ourselves for the benefit of others (Acts 20:35; John 15:13; Philippians 2:3). I hope you continue to be this way because it gets harder and harder when people start to take advantage. Also, balance is important. Don’t forget you own self worth in the process of doing for others.


  2. Try to think about how the people who love you feel. Because they cherish you, they want you to happy and well. Thus you are not buying a gift for yourself, but buying something to keep you mentally well balanced so you can continue to support your loved ones. ❤

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  3. “And he answering said, Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy strength, and with all thy mind; and thy neighbour as thyself.”
    Luke 10:27
    According this verses… you ARE loving yourself when you love others. I get the take care of yourself and be good to yourself. But if you are already such a loving and thoughtful person to others (and you are 😉 ) then don’t beat yourself up too bad. The best way to learn to love ourselves IS though how we treat others. We teach our kids this all the time. ❤ for a reason!

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  4. Really interesting post – where do you draw the line between depriving yourself for the sake of others and investing in others because it fulfills you? Tricky! Saying that, it sounds as though you love and are loved so I think you’re doing pretty well ;O) x

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  5. I am a lot like this. I often bend over backwards to make someone else’s day. You’re right, it’s both a strength and a weakness. Because we deserve to treat ourselves as well as we treat others. It’s good to love ourselves! You are obviously a very caring person and anyone would be blessed to call you their friend. 🙂

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