Mindful Bootcamp Week 1: Self Esteem & Self Confidence

Mindful Bootcamp (4)

Hello loves, ❤

HAPPY FRIYAY! Woo, yipee, woohoo, yaaaaaaay! Finishing Friday on a GREAT note! What a day its been I am so happy the weekend is near, I can smell it.

Sooo… my first class last night went AMAZING! I had so much fun. I walked in with my nerves through the roof. Once you get to know me I am quite loud but if you don’t know me or I am meeting you for the first time, I am so shy & quiet.

Due to copyright reasons, I can’t share my worksheets that were provided in the class (which I fully respect but I can share with you what the classes consisted of).

So, as you all know I signed up to a Mindful Bootcamp & it started last night, it is broken down in 4 weeks (see below).

Week 1. 
Self Concept/Esteem & Confidence
(Knowledge, Understanding, Development)

Week 2.
Stress, Anxiety & Depression
(Key Triggers, Feelings, Rationality)

Week 3.
Anger, Conflict & Resolution
(Key Triggers, Emotions, Control)

Week 4.
Habits, Patterns & Behaviours
(Thoughts, Actions, Consequences)

We looked into:

  • Self Image
  • Self Esteem
  • Ideal Self
  • Self Assurance

I would love to talk in depth about the night & the above pointers.

Self Image:

As for self image, it gave me the opportunity to talk about Instagram & the negative effect that social media brings to our lives & our self esteem.

I got to talk about how society has molded our brains to think that A CERTAIN WAY TO LOOK is accepted in this world.

Its also a good thing to know that THESE instagram people only show you their positive things in their life & they like to show off their ‘great life’ but you never see their bad days.

I also explained that I removed myself from social media & I have never felt better.

This was great to get off my chest & everyone was so supportive of the way that I thought.

Self Esteem:

Within self esteem, we explored that we tend to want to look like other people & never really accept ourselves & that we are always worrying about what other people think.

Whenever I look in the mirror, I am never necessarily ‘happy’

Focusing on ourselves can change this feeling that we have towards ourselves.

Ideal Self:

This is more of how you see yourself VS who you would like to be. I know for a fact that I am not happy where I am at this stage as I have self esteem problems.

Giving yourself goals & keeping the mind focused on yourself can create a pathway that is only for you & you are not worrying about other people. When you do worry about others, you tend to forget about yourself.

Society & social media tend to cold us into thinking what is right & what is wrong, we need to be able to get up & say WE ARE IN CONTROL OF OUR OWN LIVES.

Self Confidence:

Self confidence is the confidence behind your abilities. We all had to go around the room & give an example of something you are now confident about. I used going on an airplane as my example, as I WAS AFRAID OF PLANES & I had never been on one till Feb 2017 & since then I have been confident to go on them again as I have conquered this fear so I was very proud to use that as an example.

Self Image:

We were given the activity to write 3 negative & 3 positive of the below:

  • Physical Description
  • Social Rules
  • Personal Traits

In this we got to see what we think negatively of ourselves & that is no way to think bc you are the only person that sees yourself that way, no body else. Everyone else sees the positive in you however bc you are so hard on yourself you think negatively of every little thing about yourself.

I got so much out of last night & I can wait to move forward & apply this all to my life.

I’ve made a drop down for The Mindful Bootcamp Series in The Blog Series section of my blog (you can find the drop down on my home page)

Wherever you are in the world, have a lovely day ❤

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20 thoughts on “Mindful Bootcamp Week 1: Self Esteem & Self Confidence”

  1. I enjoyed reading this! I’ve recently begun to take more time to focus on myself and having goals and taking time to reach them has been amazing. Having supportive people in my life who encourage me to meet my goals has been a game changer. Who knew being told “I’m so proud of you” or “you are amazing” could be so motivating.
    I also agree about taking a social media break…I haven’t posted anything about my goals online. It has been nice to just share them with my support system and not depend on getting approval or praise from people on social media. I’m doing this for me…not for them…
    I look forward to reading more of your posts.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Wow, this sounds incredible!! I have had so many issues with my self confidence while being in Bali. I get too caught up in what everyone else looks like and start hating on myself. I can’t wait to keep reading more updates on your boot camp! 💛

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Wow! What an awesome Bootcamp you have found! I love it! And thank you for sharing the basic lesson of the classes with us! I will be tuning in for each one!

    I love the stuff about social media in this one. I deleted social media for a few months after I was initially diagnosed because I was always comparing my lives to others’. But you’re right, those people weren’t showing the bad stuff or hard moments!

    I have since fallen back off (on) the bandwagon and have been using Facebook (mostly because I needed a platform to organize my team for Walk MS but also have been using Instagram again! I am trying to follow more positive accounts and accounts that’s purpose is to show positivity and awareness and it has made Instagram a lot more positive for me. Every now and then I think about cutting them out completely though! Thank you for the inspiration!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It was SUCH an amazing night, I had so much fun there. I really got to challenge by brain & work with some of my demons (that I know I needed to address)

      Thats why we become so ENVIOUS of their lives, bc they SEEM to have their life in order & it SEEMS like their life is perfect.
      It creates a jealousy cloud over us & our minds become foggy & we then want their lives.

      I am happy to hear you went back to social media with a positive attitude & trying to follow positive people.

      Liked by 1 person

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