This OR That Tag

Hello loves, ❤

Here we are again – Another GREAT tag that I have created myself, I am loving it!

THIS or that tag


  • Thank & tag the person that has tagged you
  • Attach the tag photo
  • Answers the ‘This or THAT questions
  • Tag a 10-20 friends.


  • Dog or Cat?
    • Dog
  • Netflix or YouTube?
    • Ah, can I choose both. I love Youtube but I love Netflix!
  • Phone Call or Text?
    • Text
  • Toast or Eggs?
    • Oo, EGGS!
  • Cardio or Weights?
    • Weights
  • Facebook or Twitter?
    • Neither 🙂
  • Ice Cream Cone or Snow Cone?
    • Ice Cream 😛
  • Mobile Games or Console Games?
    • Console Games (I’m so old school)
  • While walking: Music or Podcasts?
    • Music ❤
  • iOS or Android?
    • iOS 🙂
  • Cake or Pie?
  • Swimming or Sunbathing?
    • Swimming!
  • Big Party or Small Gathering?
    • Small gathering 🙂
  • New Clothes or New Phone?
    • New clothes 🙂
  • Rich Friend or Loyal Friend?
    • Loyal friend 🙂
  • Football or Basketball?
    • Basketball
  • Nice Car or Nice Home Interior?
    • Nice Home Interior
  • What’s worse: Laundry or Dishes?
    • DISHES!
  • Jogging or Hiking?
    • Hiking ❤
  • Bath or Shower?
    • Shower when in a hurry but bath when I can relax 🙂
  • Sneakers or Sandals?
    • Oo, sneakers when I am on the move but sandals with a nice outfit
  • Glasses or Contacts?
    • Glasses 🙂
  • Hamburger or Taco?
  • Couch or Recliner?
    • Recliner 🙂
  • Online Shopping or Shopping in a Store?
    • Shopping in store 🙂
  • Receive: Email or Letter?
    • LETTER! I love letters!
  • Passenger or Driver?
    • Driver – I need to be able to be in control when I am in the car!
  • Tablet or Computer?
    • Computer 🙂
  • Most important in a partner: Intelligent or Funny?
    • Intelligent
  • Car or Truck?
    • CAR 🙂
  • Blue or Red?
    • Red
  • Money or Free Time?
    • Free Time ❤
  • Amusement Park or Day at the Beach?
    • Day at the Beach 🙂
  • At a movie: Candy or Popcorn?
    • Popcorn 🙂
  • Pen or Pencil?
    • PEN 🙂
  • Toilet paper: Over or Under?
    • Oo, this is a BIG one! OVER!
  • Cups in the cupboard: Right Side Up or Up Side Down?
    • Upside down ❤
  • Pancake or Waffle?
    • Can I choose both! I have a MAJOR sweet tooth!
  • Coke or Pepsi?
    • Hm, neither, I don’t drink soft drink.
  • Coffee Cup or Thermos?
    • Oo, coffee cup at home, thermos on the way to work 🙂
  • Blinds or Curtain?
    • Curtain ❤
  • Train or Plane?
    • PLANE! I catch a train EVERY day to work 😦
  • Phone or Tablet?
    • Phone 🙂
  • Iced Coffee or Hot Coffee?
    • Hot chocolate? Can I choose that?
  • Meat or Vegetables?
    • MEAT!
  • International Vacation or a New TV?
    • International vacaaaaaaaaay! (Europe, I’m coming for you!)
  • Save or Spend?
    • Little bit of both, hehe 😛
  • Honesty or Other’s Feelings?
    • I am more about honesty, I need to be honest of what is on my mind.
  • Coffee or Tea?
    • TEA ❤
  • TV or Book?
    • Book 🙂
  • Movie at Home or Movie at the Theater?
    • Oo, a good movie snuggled in bed but going out to the movies is nice too ❤
  • Ocean or Mountains?
    • Ah, this is another big one! I love the ocean but I also love me a good beach 🙂
  • Horror Movie or Comedy Movie?
    • Comedy 🙂
  • City or Countryside?
    • Countryside 🙂 TAKE ME AWAY!
  • Winter or Summer?
    • Summer ❤
  • Mac or PC?
    • Oo, this one is hard bc I use both in my life. Maybe MAC.
  • Console Gaming or PC Gaming?
    • Console gaming ❤ Did anyone play SEGA?!
  • Soup or Sandwich?
    • Sandwhich #CARBLIFE
  • Card Game or Board Game?
    • Card Game, give me a game of SNAP any day 🙂
  • Camping or Binge Watching Shows at Home?
    • Oo, I’d love to do camping, maybe not in a tent but a cute cabin.
  • Working Alone or Working in a Team?
    • Oo, I love working alone but I also love the support of others ❤
  • Dine In or Delivery?
    • Delivery – Snuggled up on the couch, eating & watching a movie 🙂
  • Sweater or Hoodie?
    • Hoodie 🙂
  • Motorcycle or Bicycle?
    • Bicycle 🙂
  • Book or eBook?
    • I love me a good book, I love reading them on the train to work 🙂
  • When sleeping: Fan or No Fan?
    • Oo, in SUMMER I need a fan! But in Winter, I need a hot water bottle.
  • TV Shows or Movies?
    • Movies ❤

My Nominees:

I can’t wait to read all of your tags ❤

Wherever you are in the world, have a lovely day ❤

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  1. Lovely.! 💞😙
    I found a way here through someone’s blog. I read her answers with this tag and followed you here.😁
    I love this tag.👌
    Btw, Now looking forward to explore your blog more.😊

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