Is It Time To Shed Old Skin?

Hello loves,

I needed to blog this!

I would love to get your lovely people’s opinions & advice.

So, in one of my favourite stores, I seen that you can purchase this box & every day you are meant to randomly select a folded paper & it’s a piece of advice to work with ☺️

I randomly picked out the below:

I then opened it up & seen:

Honestly, it bought tears to my eyes bc it links sooooooooooo much with what I am going through at this point in time.

I foresee this quote as to let go of the past to move forward, I have to let go of what’s weighing me down to fly.

I would love to hear how you all would interpret this lovely quote 🙏🏽

Wherever you are in this world, have a lovely day ❤

Your Depression Doesn’t Define You

Hello loves, ❤

Just so you know, your depression doesn’t define you.

It might feel like it does. Sometimes it might even feel like it consumes you completely, and I understand that. Because sometimes my depression does the same thing to me. It swallows me whole and drowns me in self-doubt. Then, it strangles me with poisonous thoughts and convinces me I’m unworthy of love, and sometimes even life. But I’m not unworthy, and neither are you.

Depression is just pure evil that convinces you everything is wrong, including yourself. It gets inside your body, and your mind, and your soul, and it cuts you down to your very core. Depression is lonely because it’s only understandable to the people who have fought through it themselves. It’s an unexplainable nightmare you keep waking up from, but you never actually get out of.

It’s inescapable and when the people around you urge you to bring yourself out of it, you only fall in deeper.

It steals your drive of passion and takes away your will to love. It leaves you stranded all alone, feeling like a mess whose only contribution to the world is their sadness. It swallows you, and it consumes you, and then it makes you believe all you are is your depression. But you’re not. You are more, and you always have been.

You are a human being. A human who has made someone smile, and someone laugh, and someone feel. You’ve impacted people with your own smile, and your own laugh, and your own feelings. You have beliefs and passions and a journey to a destination you are destined to reach. You have your own path in life that is only meant for you and your mind to conquer. 

You’re a human who has made a difference in the world, whether you realize it or not.

You’re a friend who is needed, and a family member who is loved deeply. You’re a person who can understand something as devastating as depression and help other people who struggle with it by simply letting them know they are not alone.

You are powerful, and compassionate. You are caring, beautiful, and one of a kind. There is only one person on this planet who has everything you’ve got, and that’s you. And that makes you important, and needed, and rare.

You are an incredibly strong human being, and never try to say that you aren’t. I know you are, because you’ve felt the type of lowness that has left people utterly broken, and yet you’re still here.

You’re here, and you’re still fighting. You are not your depression. You are a warrior who fights a daily battle within yourself and survives it every single day.

You are a survivor. A human who has felt pure emptiness and lived through it. And most of all, you are someone who deserves love and the life you live, because what defines you could never be minimized to a single word, unless that word is more.

Wherever you are in the world, have a lovely day ❤

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70,000 Views, Yay!

Hello loves ❤

Happy Sunday (It’s Sunday here in Sydney Australia).
I pray everyone is having a lovely weekend so far 🙂

It is SUPER windy here in Sydney today, I wanted to go for a walk & enjoy the outdoors but I will get BLOWN AWAY!

Also, South-West Sydney is at a stand still bc a 20-30 min drive away from me is expressing a BIG BUSH FIRE that has swept through 1000 acres of bushland. People have been evacuated 😦 There was someone that filmed the fire whilst travelling on the train. The fire has been blazing for approximately 20 hours – It is so scary to see this.
I also know the wind IS NOT HELPING the fire fighters. There are more than 500 fire fighters across the board working on this, but the fire is just out of control.


On a brighter note for your Sunday ❤ Here we are again, throwing another 1000 views in the bag.

WE DID IT GUYS! WE HIT 70K! I cannot believe we did it! 70,000 views in nearly 2 years. I am so grateful for all of you – In 16 days, it’ll be Discovering Your Happiness’ 2 YEAR ANNIVERSARY! I am so excited to see where this blog will take me.

Thank you to the below people for re-blogging my work ❤

I pray you are all having a beautiful day ❤

Wherever you are in the world, have a lovely day ❤

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