If They Wish To Leave, Let Them Go

Hello loves, ❤

You should never demand someone to stay in your life. Choosing to be together involves willingness; should anyone fail to show willingness, staying should never really be an option anymore. If you hold on to people who are no longer willing to stick around, you will eventually end up torturing yourself and accumulate bruises that will hardly heal.

You don’t deserve a half-present company. They may physically be with you, but their heart is already somewhere else. Do not hinder them to be where they want to be. Set them free and go your own way.

Let them leave so you can be happy. You can never truly find joy in a relationship that chokes you every single day. Someone who wishes to leave does not deserve to see your genuine smile. In fact, the person who wishes to leave will never genuinely exert an effort to make you smile.

Don’t hold on to someone who is a foot away from the exit. Push them away if need be the moment you notice their signal of detachment. They don’t deserve to stay with you any longer, so show them the way out, usher them and gently close the door where they walked out.

Wish them well but never take them back. People who leave are the ones who will never try to make things work for the better. They ran away when things get rough, and you will end up suffering from the things they do right in front your eyes. Wish them well and hope to never cross their path again. If their brief existence didn’t do you any good now, it will never be good for you the second time around. Yes, everyone deserves a second chance; but, second chances are earned – they’re not freely given.

Forgive them for leaving you, but never forget that they left you in the first place. Don’t ever wish for them to come back and turn away at once. Be strong enough to endure loneliness for a short while, for certainly someone who is willing to stay will come your way.

If they love you, they won’t even think about leaving. Therefore, the moment they express their intention to leave, you have to accept that love is no longer there. Love can also leave and so can they, remember that! Just like you can also leave if you are no longer happy.

Letting them go now will give you more time to recover. Think about it this way, if you let a problem grow bigger, it will be much more difficult for you to resolve it later. Admit it. Them, deciding to leave is a problem. If you let it worsen, you will pay the price later. Let them go now so your heart will have enough time to heal.

Sometimes, we just have to let go of something and someone that hurt(s) us. Letting it (or them) go may not be the easiest choice, but it could be the best choice we have left. It does not mean we don’t love them anymore, it simply means we love them enough to let them find their happiness too. Just like it doesn’t mean we don’t consider them important anymore, it’s just that WE are also important.

The space they emptied may throb for a while but that’s totally fine. Eventually, someone will fill that space again and heal all the pain. The thing is, the right one cannot take that place over if it is still occupied.

Don’t ever look back and keep going. Go your separate ways and just know that being left behind is not always a bad thing. It could be an opportunity to evaluate our options better.

Let them go.

Let yourself go.

Wherever you are in the world, have a lovely day ❤

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Whenever I Give You Another Chance, You Make Me Regret It

Hello loves, ❤

I’m too nice. I’m too forgiving. I’m too much of a pushover.

I should have kicked you out of my world a long time ago, but for some reason, I keep allowing history to repeat itself.

You’ll screw up. Hurt me. Shatter my heart. Then I will swear to stop talking to you. I will attempt to cut you out of my world. I will decide that I deserve better than your poor treatment and promise to put myself first for a change.

Not long after that, you will apologize. You will show me a tiny bit of kindness and I will make a big deal out of it. I will convince myself it’s a sign you are going to change. I will force myself to believe the lies you tell about how you are sorry and are never going to stuff up again.

I will foolishly get excited about how maybe we can make things work this time — and soon after I will end up disappointed.

Every time I give you another chance, you blow it. You act like things are going to be different but it ends the same exact way every single time.

I don’t know how you can keep making the same mistakes over and over again without seeing yourself as the bad guy. I don’t know how a person can be so clueless. So selfish. So unaware.

Every time I give you another chance, you make me regret it. You make me feel like a complete idiot for listening to the words coming out of your mouth. After everything you have done, I shouldn’t trust you. I shouldn’t rely on you. I shouldn’t want anything to do with you.

But every time I think about leaving you behind, I feel guilty, which is ridiculous since there is nothing more I can do to salvage our relationship. I was the only one who tried to fix things. I was the only one who put in actual effort.

It’s hard for me to admit that you are not someone who belongs inside of my world anymore. You are someone who has overstayed their welcome. Someone whose usefulness has expired.

As frustrated as I am with you, I’m not blaming you for my heartache anymore. At this point, you’re not the one I’m angry with when you hurt me for the hundredth time. I’m angry at myself. It’s stupid of me to think you will ever change. I’m gullible. I’m too eager to believe what I want to believe.

I want things to work out between us. I want to keep you in my universe. But you’re making it impossible.

I have given you a million chances, so many more than you deserve, but it’s time to stop the cycle. I have to accept that you are comfortable the way you are. You are never going to set things right. Your promises mean nothing. Your word cannot be trusted.

Wherever you are in this world, have a lovely day ❤

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