Healing Myself From The Inside Out

Hello loves, ❤

I pray you are all doing well 🙂

As mentioned in one of my recent posts, I was explaining that I haven’t been feeling the best. I don’t want to water that flower & COMPLAIN about how negative I’ve been feeling.

However I do want to discuss that when I feel this way, I am aware that this is no way to live. I understand that I need to get myself out of this mindset – the more I dig myself in a hole, the worse I will get & the harder it will be to climb out of this hole.

I understand that you are what you eat, in all aspects of your life, whereby if it is LITERALLY food, career, friends. If you’re eating junk food, you will feel crap. If you are spending 8-9 hours a day in a job you are not happy in this could radiate negative vibes. If you are involved with negative & biased people, this may rub off onto you & you then start living this way.

Over the last few weeks, I can admit that my eating has been THE WORST! Pizza, McDonalds, Hot Chips, Hamburgers, Deep Fried Food, Chocolate, Chocolate & MORE CHOCOLATE. I slipped into a bit of a crack over the Easter break also 😦

I know that the lack of omega 3 fatty acids in fast foods can create a mental state that includes anxiety along with depression. This double-whammy is caused to re-evaluate your diet if you eat many fried foods. It’s not just what fast food lacks that can cause anxiety, however. Fast food is high in refined carbohydrates, which can lead to blood sugar fluctuations. If your blood sugar dips into hypoglycemic levels, you can experience anxiety, trembling, confusion and fatigue.

I also have been putting myself under a lot of stress bc I OVER THINK EVERYTHING, so my mind has been working over time, so my stress levels have been through the roof which means more headaches, more fatigue, more anxiety & panic attacks.

SO.. What I have been trying to do is heal my self from the inside out 🙂 I have been working on the below:

  • Chinese Cupping Therapy
    • B482752F-DC1D-4FBE-9A3B-B4B1ABF257FCI got this done on Monday & my gosh it is the best feeling!
    • Cupping therapy can help you release the stress because of the calm and serene ambiance of the therapist’s clinic. Further, as the healer works to place cups on your body and cause suction, you must lie completely still. Typically, cupping sessions may take from 10 to 20 minutes and this time is sufficient to blank the mind and get rid of negative thoughts that might be troubling you.Another important factor is that cupping promotes the flow of blood in the body. As the muscles and tissues are flooded with healing nutrients and fresh oxygen, they relax completely. The relaxation effect is also extended to the nervous system that seems to get sedated with cupping.
    • When you go into the stress mode, your muscles react by going into spasm and stiffening. For this reason, you sense the tension in your neck, shoulders, and back. Cupping can help release this tension so you feel the stress melting away. In fact, it is not uncommon for patients to fall into a deep slumber during the session.
    • In addition to dry cupping, therapists may also choose to use massage cupping. After creating suction, she may move the cup over the body in gentle movements by way of reverse massage. The massage-like sensations also work to release stress and bring calm to the patient similar to when you take deep tissue or trigger point massage therapy.
  • Coconut Oil Pulling
    • This one, I LOVE! I wrote a post on this a while ago. The benefits of this are GREAT!
      • Treat tooth decay
      • Kill bad breath
      • Heal bleeding gums
      • Prevent heart disease
      • Reduce inflammation
      • Whiten teeth
      • Soothe throat dryness
      • Prevent cavities
      • Heal cracked lips
      • Boost the immune system
      • Improve acne
      • Strengthen gums and jaws
  • Apple Cider Vinegar
    • This is GREAT for you – I wish I started using this earlier, but I am late on the bandwagon. The benefits of this are really intriguing.
      • High in Acetic acid, with potent biological effects.
      • Kills harmful bacteria
      • Lowers blood sugar levels
      • Fights diabetes
      • Helps to lose weight
      • Reduces belly fat
      • Lowers cholesterol
      • Improves heart health
      • Protective effects against cancer

I have chosen to take these approaches bc if I work on the inside first then this will shine through. I feel that you need to look after the root of the plant before you start looking after the petals of the flower. If the root of the plant is unhealthy then the flower will not grow to its full potential. If the soil (thoughts) the plant is in is bad soil, then this may creative a restrictive lifestyle for the flower.

I am going to keep this up & keep you all updated & let you know how I go with this both mentally & physically.

let me know below if you do any of the above & how it works for you ❤

Wherever you are in the world, have a lovely day ❤

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27 thoughts on “Healing Myself From The Inside Out”

  1. I know that apple cider is so good for you but I cant stand the taste! I recently found out that you can get apple cider capsules so I might give that a go. Is your back actually bruised from the cupping or will the marks go away quicker than a bruise?

    Liked by 3 people

    1. The taste is a bit funky 😦 However, once you water it down & even add a little bit of honey, it is bearable.
      Oo, the capsules sound interesting, do they have the same effect?
      My back is not bruised, its just marked from the suction cups.
      The marks will go away in approx 6-7 days.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Apparently they have the same effect but I haven’t done that much research yet.
        Oh that’s good! When I get a bruise it literally stays there for months so I was thinking that I would probably avoid doing that if it does bruise.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Oo, that sounds very interesting ❤
        I would love to hear your feedback on the capsule if you start taking them 🙂
        I completely understand what you are saying ❤
        Maybe steer clear from it, if you are a bruiser.
        Even though this isn't a bruise, its just a mark but it'll depend on how long till the body fights it.

        Liked by 1 person

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