Being Me For A Change

Hello loves ❤

I am tired of letting others take advantage of my kindness. I am sick of getting my heart broken. I am done giving people the benefit of the doubt.

Instead of giving out second and third chances to people who have already hurt me, I am going to walk away from them before they have the chance to hurt me again.

I am going to detach myself. I am going to stop keeping people around because we have history. I am going to start caring more about my own happiness than the comfort of the toxic people surrounding me.

If I am better off without someone in my world, then they will be removed without any guilt.

I am not going to feel guilty about expecting to be treated with respect.

I am not going to feel guilty about raising my standards after a lifetime of leaving them low.

I am not going to censor myself anymore. I am not going to be nice when I will only get kicked around in return. If someone wants respect from me, then they better give me respect.

I am no longer interested in one-sided relationships. I am not going to be there for you if you are never there for me. I am not going to accept your apologies if there is no meaning behind them. I am not going to expose myself to drama when I could choose to walk away.

You can call me all bad words for finally putting myself first. You can accuse me of overreacting. You can act like I am betraying some code of loyalty by walking away.

You can tell me I should have more faith in people — but I have spent my entire life trusting others. Assuming they are good deep down. And it has gotten me nowhere.

Second chances lead to a repeat in history. Blind trust leads to heartbreak.

I have been nice to people who have treated me like shit. I have given the benefit of the doubt to people who have proven they cannot be relied upon. I have let people remain inside of my world because I loved them, because my heart and my mind couldn’t agree on whether they were worth my time.

Now, I am going to stop listening to my heart because it has screwed me over one too many times. I am going to listen to my gut. I am going to listen to my common sense.

If you give me your kindness and respect, I will still be the nice girl around you. But if you cross me, I am not going to play nice anymore. I am not going to sit in silence while you talk down to me. I am going to fight back. I am going to put you in your place.

Its time to do me, and only me.

Wherever you are in the world, have a lovely day ❤

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Your Forever Person

Hello loves, ❤

Your forever person is someone who makes you feel comfortable. Someone who can hug the sadness out of you. Someone who can squeeze your hand and make you feel like everything is okay again.

When you’re with your forever person, you should feel like you are completely safe. Secure. Protected. You should feel like nothing bad is going to happen as long as you are together.

You should have an easier time falling asleep when your person is cuddling you at night.

You should have an easier time relaxing when your person is within reaching distance.

You should have an easier time making it through your most stressful days when your person is only a phone call away.

Your person is supposed to make you feel like you aren’t doing so bad in life. They are supposed to help you reach success and see your own beauty. They are supposed to bring out the best in you.

Your forever person is someone who gives you strength when you are starting to feel weak. Someone who convinces you that you’re capable of achieving anything you set your heart on. Someone who inspires you to reach your full potential because they know how talented you are, they know you’re worthy of any dreams you can imagine.

Your forever person is someone who makes you feel comfortable, even in uncomfortable situations. When you attend a party, you know it will be okay because your person will keep you close and calm you down when you get nervous. When you have surgery, you know it will be okay because they won’t leave your side until you are healthy again.

No matter what, they will be there to encourage you. To make sure you aren’t scared. To make sure you never feel alone.

Your forever person is someone who makes you feel comfortable expressing your emotions. You can talk to them about the problems you’ve been having in your relationship and how to fix them. You can talk to them about your sex life. Your work life. Your parents. Your exes. Nothing is off limits because they want to hear it all.

Even if the conversation is hard to handle, they are happy to have it because it means you trust them enough to open up with them. They would never silence you. They would never act like your emotions are a burden. They would never accuse you of being annoying or ask you to stop talking so much.

You shouldn’t feel like you have to walk on eggshells around your person to avoid pissing them off. You shouldn’t have to censor your words because they will freak out if you say the slightest thing wrong. You should feel free to express yourself to them. You should feel free to be yourself around them.

Your forever person is someone who puts effort into making sure you feel safe and secure. Someone who gives you every little piece of them. Someone who makes you feel like you are exactly where you belong.

I pray you find your forever person ❤

Wherever you are in the world, have a lovely day ❤

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Relying On me

Hello loves ❤

She doesn’t rely on anyone else because over time she has learned the only person she can truly depend on is herself. Other people have the potential to let her down. Other people have their own best interests at heart. Other people do not care about her as much as they claim.

She doesn’t rely on anyone else because she is no stranger to disappointment. She has gotten excited over plans that never happened. She has been given promises that were ultimately broken. She has thought someone was on her side before they turned against her. She has assumed someone loved her before they abandoned her.

She doesn’t rely on anyone else because she is perfectly capable of taking care of herself, so if she wants something done the right way she might as well do it herself. She might as well carry the burden. She would rather do all of the work herself than have her future hinge on whether or not someone else follows through on their promises.

She doesn’t rely on anyone else because she realizes her worth. She is aware she does not need anyone else to guide her toward her goals. If she works her hardest, she can buy a house on her own. She can dry her tears on her own. She can reach her dreams on her own. She is entirely independent.

She doesn’t rely on anyone else because she has tried that before and it never worked out well for her. She ended up looking forward to a future that never happened. She ended up hating herself for getting excited over something before it turned into a reality.

She doesn’t rely on anyone else because she would rather take control of her own life. She doesn’t want to let her mood depend on someone else. She doesn’t want to put her happiness in their hands. She is done giving other people power over her when they are only going to abuse it. She is finished playing nice.

She doesn’t rely on anyone else because she is tired of having her heart broken. She hates when she has a clear vision of the future inside her head and someone destroys it. She hates when her day is ruined because of someone else. She hates when there is nothing she can do except stand by and feel herself crumble.

She doesn’t rely on anyone else because she doesn’t want to feel like she owes them anything. She doesn’t want them to hold the nice things they’ve done for her over her head. She would rather reach success on her own. She would rather say she did it all by herself.

She doesn’t rely on anyone else because she is sick of getting screwed over. She is done trusting other people when they have a habit of hurting her. She would rather be on her own than surround herself with people who are going to lie to her. She would rather take on the world by herself than take the risk of relying on others.

You are your own best friend ❤

Wherever you are in the world, have a lovely day ❤

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He’ll Make You A Priority

Hello loves,

If he really loves you, he’ll make you a priority, because he’ll understand that a priority is what you deserve to be. If he really loves you, he won’t have to constantly reassure you how much you mean to him, because he’ll always show you with his actions, instead of telling you with his words.

He’ll never let you sit by the phone and wonder where he is. He won’t make you question what the two of you are, and he’ll get to know you for who you truly try to be. It will be more than him knowing your favorite color and your favorite place to eat. He’ll learn all your secrets and absorb every crazy quirk that makes you the person you aspire to be.

He won’t have to constantly ask you what you want to do because he’ll think of you enough to come up with ideas of his own. He’ll take you out on dates, and he’ll make you fall in love more than once. He’ll find excitement in surprising you and feel genuine happiness in making you smile.

He’ll treat you like a partner, and never like a burden.

He won’t spring stuff on you last minute, and he’ll always make sure to save a spot for you in his life. He’ll want you to love his family, and for them to love you. He’ll invite you out with his friends, and make sure he gets to know yours, too.

Instead of always fighting against you like the people in your past, he’ll fight for you. He’ll never let you feel alone, even when you are. He could be a thousand miles away, but he’ll still find a way to make his presence known. Whether it’s a quick phone call to let you know, he loves you, or a simple bouquet of flowers to remind you that he cares.

If he really loves you, he’ll be there for every dream in your life that comes true, but also, every sinking reality that makes you feel as if your life is falling apart. He’ll be there for the bad times, and the good times, and never out of feeling obligated, but out of the true desire he feels of never wanting you to be alone.

He’ll never make you feel like an option because he’ll see being with you as a privilege that he can’t bear to lose.

You’ll be his person, his best friend, and his soulmate. He’ll never make you wonder about his love, or second guess yourself, and he’ll always make you feel supported, and secure.

He’ll really love you, and to him, that will mean you come first. 

He’ll never see you as one of the many stars, or a game he can leave on pause before he conquers. He’ll see you as the moon amongst the stars, far away, but always worth the trip, because even though the moon is the hardest place to get to, it always shines the brightest in the darkest skies.

Wherever you are in the world, have a lovely day ❤

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