*Guest Appearance* Celebrating St. Patty’s Day with Love and Wellness

Hello loves,

We have the beautiful Michelle from Recovery Pride here with us to share her thoughts on St Patricks Day.

I hope you all enjoy Michelle’s post ❤


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I want to celebrate with you! Let’s take a look at how we can celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in a way that feels good and is good for us. I did some searching and found some great ideas that promote wellbeing, joy, love, and laughter.


I love a parade. Going to a parade is a terrific, traditional way to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day and chances are there is a parade close to you, just check with your local newspaper. It’s fun for the whole family, offering you a chance to get into the fresh air and sunshine together. If it’s chilly bring a blanket and snuggle up while you enjoy the performers and fellow revelers. Be sure to dress in your favorite shade of green, and for a bonus, draw shamrocks on each others’ faces with washable markers.


Embrace a history lesson. Familiarity with the Irish culture can bring more meaning to your festivities, so do a little research. Listen to podcasts so you can brush up on the Norman Invasion of Ireland. Your little ones might enjoy the kids-oriented information on Ireland provided by the “National Geographic Kids” website.  For more family friendly fun, check out Family Living Today – the website is jam packed with activities that are educational and appropriate for all ages.


Read Irish stories. I love hero stories, so I was delighted when I came across “A Fine St. Patrick’s Day” by Susan Wojciechowski. Share it with your children for an uplifting and inspiring addition to your St. Patty’s celebration.


Plan an adventure. Children love anything with a touch of mystery, so if you have little ones why not engage them in a treasure hunt? You can pick up small toys or other “treasures” from a dollar store and hide them around the house. Throw in a few little notes of your own with encouraging words or loving thoughts. You can make leprechaun footprints from construction paper to provide clues to your kids.


Make festive foods. Instead of unhealthy choices like green beer, I like to recommend options that are not only fun, festive, and promote wellbeing. Craving something hearty that you can feel good about? One idea is making herb and arugula baked eggs for a filling and simple breakfast feast. Looking for something your kids will love? Try pairing mac and cheese with avocados – they’ll love seeing their favorite pasta with green flair! You can substitute whole grain pasta for your macaroni, and of course you’ll reap the health benefits of avocados. For a health-promoting green drink anybody will enjoy, opt for a “shamrock” smoothie made with kale, bananas and hemp seeds.


Do something creative. Psychology Today cites studies that show creative activities are good for your well-being, so why not do some crafting? Country Living suggests making a burlap-wrapped wreath for your front door, sparkling with glitter and adorned with felt shamrocks. You can decorate your table with clear jars containing candles surrounded by split peas, or if you have little ones they’ll enjoy making a paper plate-faced leprechaun with a construction paper hat. Another idea is to make a clover stamp by slicing a green pepper in half and dipping it in craft paint – you could stamp a banner and hang it somewhere for the family to enjoy.


Plant shamrocks. I find working with plants calming and uplifting, and nurturing them is an activity that I believe soothes the soul. If you have children they can also learn responsibility and self-confidence from tending plants, along with the satisfaction of growing a living thing. Why not start a tradition of planting something every year? It’ll give your St. Patty’s Day more nostalgia and you’ll look forward to it each spring.


No “blarney,” just goodness! When holidays roll around, I like to celebrate with healthy festivities. Enjoy an outing, eat nutritious foods, and don’t forget to feed your mind and soul. Do things you love with those you love. I wish you and yours a happy St. Patrick’s Day!




Thank you again Michelle for guest staring on Discovering Your Happiness & bringing such a wonder post ❤

Wherever you are in the world, have a lovely day ,<3

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