The March Charge

Hello loves,

Quick post, short & sweet (they are always the best posts 😛

I completed The March Charge in 2016 & I am back in 2018 to do it all again.

The March Charge is a fun personal fitness challenge that has an enormous impact on how cancer is researched and treated.

Just by walking, bike riding, swimming or running for Cancer Council this March, and by raising funds, you can help Charge ahead with cancer research, prevention, advocacy and support services.

You can choose to go solo or get your friends/family/colleagues together and do it as a team – it’s up to you! (I have chosen to go SOLO)

Sadly cancer still takes too many of us. Research sees more people than ever survive but we’ve still a way to go.

Losing my grandfather to cancer leaves this very close to my heart.

Your donation will help our local Cancer Council support those affected right now and fund world changing research to help more people survive.

‘God gives his hardest battles to his strongest soldiers’

I would love to have your love & support ❤

Wherever you are in the world, have a lovely day ❤

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Hello, my name is Anita, I am a 23 year old Croatian girl who loves reading self development books & following others blogs. Having said that, I have decided to create a site that consist of sharing my hobbies daily blogs, daily affirmations, healthy recipes, DIY projects, places I travel to etc. Discovering Your Happiness has a goal of sharing my happiness with you to help you discover your happiness also.

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  1. Hey,
    I love your blog and have recently set up a Facebook Group for all us bloggers that want some more recognition and to help each other grow our following, also giving each other ideas for posts and promoting each other on social media! I am new the blogging scene myself so would love some extra tips!
    If you fancy joining the page I will leave the link below for you! Hope to see you over there soon! Phoebe x

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