Hello loves, ❤

Hope you are all well 🙂

We have reached 61,000 views – OH MY! I am so grateful for all of you. I love the support & motivation you all give me.

I love that you all have my back, everyone is so positive & everyone is so supportive ❤

Thank you to the below people for re-blogging my work:


I had such a big weekend that I want to share with you all.

Friday night, I went to the circus w/ J, my sister & her fiance.

It was The Great Moscow Circus, a local one that trips around – I couldn’t believe the talent behind their work.

I was gobbsmacked with how talented they all were – sometimes little local circus’ are the best!




J & I got McDonalds after – It was YUMMY! I haven’t had it in SO long, I deserved this..

Rach & I went to TeaBags on Saturday morning, a local place that sells iced tea by THE BAG.. Literally!

They were so delicious.

I couldn’t believe how nice they tasted. I was expecting it to taste like Lipton Iced Tea.

But it tasted BETTTTTTER!



In the afternoon, J & I went to The Darling hotel in the Sydney CBD.

I took him away for his birthday weekend, our room was beautiful & was set up with lovely rose petals.

We checked in & went for a walk around, we then went shopping together, then when we got back we got ready for dinner.

We have dinner at BLACK, a restaurant within The Star, Sydney.

We had some lovely beef that J chose.


We had some lovely dessert & went for a stroll around The Casino – This fish tank is in the Casino – HOW CRAZY IS THAT?!

We then went back to our room, had a nice spa in our spa bath & headed to bed.

In the morning, we got ready for breakfast & went to enjoy some kale, poached egg, pumpkin, avocado, asparagus on sourdough bread for brekkie.

It was delicious, J & I are used to the normal buffet breakfast (eggs, bacon, sausage, hash brown etc)


This breakfast tasted DELICIOUS!

I also had a bowl of Coco Pops (I must have my Coco Pops everywhere I go)

We then set out for our spa experience at The Darling Spa – We spent approx 45 mins in the Jacuzzi, which was a nice experience.

We then got a full body massage which was an hour long, I think I fell asleep atleast 6 times.

It was such a lovely experience 🙂

I felt like I was on CLOUD 9.


68E2612B-1939-4A38-9C2B-E2BD64D9A6E6We then went shopping for a little bit + then came home.

I was so buggered – I did want to go to the gym but after that massage by body was just too relaxed to do anything.

I pray J has a lovely birthday – He is a leap year baby. his birthday is on 29/02 but we are not in a leap year so we celebrated 24/02-25/02.

I would def love to book after spa encounter there bc the service & the experience was amazing.

J & I will look into some facials together.


How was everyone elses weekend?

What did you all get up to? 

Wherever you are in the world, have a lovely day ❤

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