‘Emotional’ Is Not A Negative Label

Hello loves, ❤

The world wants to tell you you’re ‘too much.’ When you fall a little too quickly, when you let someone else in, when you pick your tired body from the floor and start looking for love in a new place, people will raise their eyebrows. They will furrow their foreheads. They will tell you that you’re doing it all wrong—that you should be guarded, careful, stoic, cold—not so willing to share your heart again.

For some reason we’ve been taught that emotions are bad. That we should bury them. That when we have them, we have to hide them from the world. When a child cries, he or she is hushed. When someone screams for joy, they’re told to settle down. When we or our loved ones are hurt, when something terrible happens, when a person passes, we’re encouraged to quickly wipe our tears and not cause too much of a scene. God forbid we actually feelsomething.

And the same is for relationships. Half the time it’s a game—don’t let her in, don’t tell him the truth, don’t share too much of yourself so soon. There are rules. There is caution tape. There are expectations and fears and so many ways to push people away or keep them at arm’s length.

At the end of the day, we’re so busy hiding what we truly feel, it’s a wonder we haven’t lost the ability to feel at all.

We’re so damn scared of getting hurt, of releasing control, of finding out someone isn’t ‘right’ for us’ or that we’re not ‘right’ for them’. But most of all, we’re terrified of not finding love at all—and yet, we aren’t honest with the beating of our hearts.

We reach out to people, but then let go. We share parts of our stories, but not the entirety of who we are. We chase connections but let them dissolve out of nervousness. And we let the world tell us we’re ‘emotional,’ as if that’s a bad thing.

But being ‘emotional’ is not a negative label. To feel, to connect, to love deeply—that’s beautiful—and nothing to be ashamed of.

When it comes to relationships, we’ve been told that being the one who falls first is embarrassing. That having strong feelings is something to not do because it scares people away. That being a guy, a girl with a big heart is foolish. That love should be calculated, planned, and taken with careful steps.

But love isn’t like that.

Love isn’t something you can map out or understand. It’s not something you can control or calculate, shape to fit what you desire. Love simply happens. And you have to let it. You have to feel it.

You can’t spend your days being guarded, not allowing your heart to experience what it longs to. You can’t walk around being afraid to have emotions, care for people, share your soul. Sure, you’re going to have people who say you’re being ‘too much,’ or that you’re over-emotional.

But having feelings, caring about people, loving wildly and without fear—that’s not a bad thing. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

Wherever you are in the world, have a lovely day ❤

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36 thoughts on “‘Emotional’ Is Not A Negative Label”

  1. I agree so much 💜 Love this post. I’m so romantic and emotional but that’s the way I’m. I’m a highly sensitive person and there’s nothing wrong with that. It’s just hard sometimes in this dark world

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  2. I’ve had a very long conversation about this very subject today.
    I thank my loving God for being emotional enough to love me so much that He sent His only Son to save me from permanently being without Him! Because He did not want to be permanently without me! I am so grateful for an emotional God! Including my Jesus who was so grieved at the loss of His friend Lazarus, and the heartache of the sisters of Lazarus! He was emotional enough to be there for Mary and Martha! And He is emotional enough to be there for you and me! God LOVES you and me! God LOVES the world! God LOVES! ❤
    How dare we tell the God who gave us life that He has no right to to be emotional! Or that those He created don't have the right to FEEL emotion!
    Me and God love you, Lovely A! ❤

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  3. this was so wonderful to read. I’m a full believer of the horoscope and as a cancer, this sign is well known as being very emotional. from a young age, I have been told I’m very emotional and sensitive, and that is wrong. but owning up to my sensitivity, and letting my emotions out when I need to, I have come to the realization that I have been blessed with a gift and I cannot tell you how truly wonderful it is to let your emotions out when necessary, I too disagree with the idea that being too emotional is wrong. In fact, I encourage people to be more emotional and not drown in their hidden sorrows, piling up leaves little space while letting out bring room for more.

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    1. I am so happy to hear you liked this read ❤

      I completely understand where you are coming from.

      Never look at 'emotional' as a bad thing.
      it means that we feel so much more then the average person.

      I encourage those around me to feel comfortable to let it all out bc there is no use having it bottled in 😦

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  4. I love this post. I struggle with this topic on and off, because I’m sensitive and emotional, people tent to assume I’m over reacting or being dramatic. It’s important to feel like we can be ourselves and express ourselves. If not, bottled up emotions never lead to a great ending. Great read, thank you!



  5. I completely agree! It’s not always fun having lots of feelings but so many people are completely numb and have to go to extremes just to feel anything at all so I try to look at it as a gift.

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  6. Yes I m a bit over sensitive too…kind of emotional girl…and have a nature to feel everyone’s pain n happiness more than them….but sometimes it leads to nothing…its not that i do anything out of some hope from others…but atleast people should care what i feel…just once!

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  7. Thank you for this post, it was wonderful to read. Emotions shouldn’t be seen as a bad thing and it can be hard to share ourselves with others. Your posts are so positive, keep it up!

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  8. Thank you for the amazing post! (Had to share, btw) I’m an emotional person and I have always embraced it, but lately I’ve been going through a difficult time, and I feel like those causing it see me being emotional and it has no impact. I’m not doing it on purpose for a reaction, it is who I am. I absolutely couldn’t hold it in, but I do wish others saw it as part of me.

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  9. Awesome post as always. My father always told me to hold my emotions in when I was a kid. He said no one would care anyway. I held it in until I cracked one day, and I stunned him. I was punished pretty bad.
    I never forgot that.
    I usually stifle my feeling, but I’m getting better at venting them out in a normal fashion.
    Great post!!!!

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