Lose Weight Whilst You Sleep

The evening is a common time, even for healthy eaters, to reach for a mindless snack. It is generally a time when we relax and watch TV, reaching for chips, salted nuts, wine, or sweets. These foods can disturb your sleep and cause unwanted weight gain. We tell you what kind of snacks may help you to fight cravings, build muscles AND lose weight!


What to eat before bed:


 #Cottage Cheese

Eating low-fat cottage cheese before bed is a popular practice among bodybuilders and fitness models. Cottage cheese can be helpful for building muscles and losing weight. Because of the slow digestion and high level of satiety, cottage cheese may keep you from getting hungry during the night and encourage you to eat less in the morning.


# Chicken

A sliced grilled chicken breast is a great snack if you feel hungry before bedtime. It is very filling, high in protein, low in fat and has virtually no carbs.

BUT: Always choose organic, all natural boneless, skinless chicken breast without marinade.


 # Cucumbers

Sliced cucumbers are a perfect snack before you go to bed. They are extremely low in calories and contain a lot of water. Therefore, cucumbers will fill you up and hydrate your body.


 # Greek Yogurt

Compared to normal yogurt, Greek yogurt is lower on calories and contains more protein. Unlike other yogurts, it is made by separating the liquid whey. You can add some honey or stevia if you like.


 # Eggs

Scrambled eggs with tomatoes are a perfect quick late-night snack. They are an excellent source of protein and will help to stave off hunger. Sprinkle some cheese into your scrambled eggs for a calcium boost to produce even more sleepiness.



If you have cravings before bedtime, grab an handful of almonds. They are easy to digest and contain the sleep-supporting amino acid tryptophan, as well as magnesium, a natural muscle relaxer.

Plus, the protein in almonds will keep you full all night. But if you want to lose weight, don’t combine it with dried fruits like raisins, cranberries, or bananas.


What to avoid before bed



Avoid eating or drinking anything with caffeine, which is a stimulant and could keep you up late into the night.



Studies have shown that while the initial effect of alcohol may relax us, it generally disrupts sleep later on in the night. This means we may wake up tired and sleep deprived.


 Large, heavy meals

A heavy meal too close to bed can slow down you metabolism and disrupt sleep. Avoid heavy and fatty meals, which take a long time to digest and can disrupt sleep.


Packaged Snack Foods

These foods are high in sugar, fat, and salt and can lead to sleeplessness and puffy eyes in the morning.


Wherever you are in the world, have a lovely day ❤

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  2. Very useful information! Thanks for sharing! We would like to also suggest that in order to boost the weight loss, you can also exercise for 2 to 4 minutes in a moderate to high intensity full body exercise, like 1 song of our dance fitness program (Dancise !), eat one of the foods you have recommended and then go to sleep! This will boost the metabolism and make it work for about 30 to 2 hours (depending on the level of the trainee, the intensity of the exercise and many more).

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