*Guest Appearance* 3 Better Ways to Invest in Yourself Daily!

Hey readers!

First, I want to thank Discovering Your Happiness for letting me guest post on her AMAZING blog! I’m so inspired by what she shares and her tips for achieving and maintaining happiness, no matter what the chaos of life throws our way.

And because life can be soooo crazy and unpredictable sometimes, stress can become overwhelming and start to bleed into every part of our lives. If you’re anything like me, I can sometimes put myself on the backburner while I am busy taking care of all life’s responsibilities. Luckily, through self-care and following my intuition to rediscover my needs, I’ve made myself more of  priority, and stopped sweating the small stuff. So now, almost daily, I try my best to find small ways to invest in my needs, especially when I’m feeling burnt out! From starting my day with a good breakfast to starting a new book or podcast I’ve been meaning to get to. I’ve found these methods are just quick enough to fit into a busy lifestyle, and not feel like you’ve neglected to listen and trust your instincts.


Develop a morning routine

I believe that setting a daily routine of what I enjoy and can help the day go smoother and make waking up in the mornings much easier. Whether it’s taking a walk, having a good breakfast,—-do it. I’ve found that establishing a nightly routine has also been beneficial. Doing some of my breakfast prep the night before, like putting my yogurt, granola and fruit together in the fridge so it’s easy to grab in the morning, or  Preparing for the next day will definitely lessen your stress in the morning. Waking up early is already one of the hardest things for me! Making it a routine will make it harder to shelf it for a task that doesn’t benefit your soul.


 Clear your mental space

Incorporate activities like reading and writing and meditating to your day. I love to read a lesson for the day (see the MM booklist!) and journal about how it relates to my life. Looking inward more often will keep you more aware of yourself and become a better listener to your spirit. Trust me, even 15 minutes a day of spiritual balance will set you on the right track.


Commit to doing at least one task and one thing for you

Are you Type A? Then I know your to-do list is never-ending. I know the feeling! But letting the list take over leaves you no time for yourself. Make a promise to yourself to do one productive thing and also, one thing that puts a smile on your face. It will instill confidence in yourself when you follow through with your own promises to the most important person—yourself. Plus you’ll still feel productive without the added stress.

Make these non-negotiable. Don’t swap them out for more to-dos. When you feel like your best you by investing in yourself, it becomes easier to tackle the day and feel confident in your decisions.

Why not give these tips a try? Test them out and let me know if they work for you!

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44,000 Views, Yay!

Hello loves ❤

here we are again, another day, another 1000 views for the goodie bag.

We just keep soaring through views & I couldn’t be more grateful to have such a big support system behind me on my blog.

Thank you to YOU! You are the reason for these blogs, I love making these blogs FOR YOU!


You truly all mean so much to me, more than you’ll ever know – Whenever I go through my notifications all I see is new followers, likes on blogs, comments on blogs & its just such a lovely feeling in my heart to see all this & to also interact with every single one of you.

I have made some lovely new friends along the way through this blogging world & I wouldn’t change a second of my experience on here.

I pray you are all well, I just remembered that I didn’t share my weekend w/ you all ❤

First of all, I’d love to show you the CHRISTMAS TREE so far, my sister is the only person that has put things under the tree so far, but even with her presents, look how many pressies there are. (I am no snooper, lol)



I went bike riding over the weekend, it was such a lovely experience, I love bike riding, I love being in nature, I love breathing in fresh air. When I am breathing in artificial air in the office all day, its great to be outdoors & smell some fresh air.

Also did a little workout whilst there too ❤ A stair workout to burn those legs.

I love this place, this is the only ‘local’ place I will bike ride. I wish where I go for my long walks did bike hire.

Maybe I should buy a bike & buy roof racks for my car… wishful thinking.


Hehe, here is a photo of me. This spot is my favourite place to take photos especially bc of the trees all in a row with one another.

There are so many spots here that you can take great photos at.

I really would love to go here more often, it just becomes a costly thing to hire the bike.

I really would love to vlog a day bike riding to truly show the beautiful nature I see on this ride.

Am I hinting a youtube channel coming soon? 😛 😛 😛


8CFC06C6-B523-41FC-ADE5-59CC8A6CC2A3I also went to the beach over the weekend & really de-stressed & relaxed & truly just switched off. I have been putting myself under a lot of stress lately & really needed a day of nothing.

I know for a fact that I need to start focusing on myself, my thoughts, my happiness & my future.

I need to start focusing on the things that I like in life & start enjoying the life that I have been blessed with.

Considering I have been stressed lately, (which is unfortunate) I carry a lot of tension in my head, neck, shoulders & back.


I went & got my cupping done again, if you don’t know what cupping is read my Cupping Therapy blog ❤  I def needed this. I went & got a massage as well as the cupping therapy & I felt that I walked out a new person. Look how craxy the photos is (don’t mind the unmade bed)

I love cupping, it has changed my life – I love it, I recommend everyone to get into it if you have tension.

Wherever you are in the world, have a lovely day ❤

A, x (1)



Make Breakfast Healthier

Hello my loves, ❤

Breakfast helps to shape your morning, and eating a well-balanced diet can help to fuel you for the day. Your breakfast should be two things: nourishing and sustaining.

Making small changes can make your breakfast healthier and help to fuel your body for the day ahead. Here are five ways you can make breakfast better for you:


  1. Add protein

Having a serving of protein in the morning can help you power through the morning. Not only does protein help keep you satisfied, but it may also help you feel more energised throughout the day. Eggs are a good choice for breakfast protein, because you can make them SO many different ways!


  1. Include some healthy fats

We know there are different types of fats, including some healthy and unhealthy fat types. When you include healthy fats in your breakfast, it can help your body absorb vitamins and may keep you feel satiated for longer. Healthy fats can also help to build cell membranes, prevent inflammation and some fat types also help with hormone regulation. To add healthy fats to your breakfast, try adding some avocado to your toast, or include nuts and seeds with your smoothie bowl.


  1. Skip the processed options

While snack bars and pastries might be a faster breakfast fix, they aren’t exactly winning combinations. Because these tend to be highly processed, much of the nutritional value has been removed. Not only can this leave you feeling hungry again soon after eating, but processed foods can affect your mood too. Preparing breakfast the night before can help if you struggle with time in the morning.


  1. Switch the fruit juice for the real thing


During juicing, some varieties of fruit juice remove the majority of the pulp, which can result in a glass of fruit-based sugar. While this is a natural form of sugar, it can cause a spike in your blood sugar and it’s often made using more than one serve of fruit. Opting for a piece of fruit instead means you also get a serve of fibre, which can help make that full feeling last. Plus fibre can help to lower cholesterol levels. Try adding fresh or frozen berries to your smoothie, or top your oats with fruit slices. If you can’t pass up a glass of juice, you can try switching to vegetable-based juices that use less fruit.


  1. Watch portion sizes

It is really easy to accidentally go over your recommended serving size, especially when breakfast looks amazing!


There are a couple of ways to still get the most out of your breakfast serving: serve it in a smaller bowl so that it looks bigger and sit down to eat. That way you give yourself time to enjoy the food as you go.


Wherever you are in the world, have a lovely day ❤

A, x (1)