Music Can Benefit Your Workouts

If you’re anything like me, you probably find it really hard to workout without having music playing! I find it so difficult to concentrate if I have to workout in silence, it seriously can’t be done. I know lots of people who NEED music to get the most out of a workout. Those banging beats can help motivate us to push a little bit harder!


Here are a few reasons I think it’s definitely worth including music in your workout:


Music can boost your mood

The right tunes can help get you in the zone! Music can elevate your mood, which can be really helpful if you aren’t feeling motivated to start your workout. If you feel like you’d rather flop on the couch or you’ve had a bad day at work, shake it off by cranking some music to feel more positive about facing the gym. If you have a favourite pump-up song or you like a good beat to get you up and moving, music can be the difference between showing up and being a gym no-show. Upbeat music can make you feel happier — and who doesn’t want that?


Music can help you keep pace

Do you find yourself tapping along when you hear music? The beat is like a signal to the motor region of the brain, which helps you to maintain a rhythm. That’s why it’s best to choose playlists that suit the type of workout you plan on doing, for example — having a playlist of upbeat songs is perfect for high-intensity workouts. You’ll probably find it easier to get into a rhythm if the music can be timed with movement!


Music can help you push your performance

Listening to the right playlist can make a big difference to the outcome of your workout. You hear a favourite workout track and get caught up in how good it is. Without realising it, you might find you’ve smashed through a few more reps! Music is fantastic for pushing past mental barriers that can hold you back during a workout.


Music can be used for recovery too

If you haven’t been using music as part of your recovery, now is definitely the time to start! Listening to chilled out tunes post-workout can help your body to slow down and relax. Try playing acoustic versions of your favourite songs, or select songs that are a little slower in tempo. Hearing these can help to clear your mind, so you can focus on your rehabilitation.

So now you know how much of a positive difference music can make when working out. The right music has the ability to make your workout SO much better, which is why it’s important to match a playlist with your workout style.

Wherever you are in the world, have a lovely day ❤

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36 thoughts on “Music Can Benefit Your Workouts”

  1. Music is the most consistent thing in my life! My blog is always surrounded with me talking about music because it is such a massive part of my life! Workouts, mood swings, car rides, morning coffee, and getting through the work day! All day every day!


  2. I highly agree with this post. Music can boost anything your mood and your motivation for me personally music is everything i have to have it around me its like my drug i’m addicted to it. It boost my mood and when i am at work it definitely helps me with work makes time go by faster i can be in the most crappy mood but then i pop some music on and my mood is better

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  3. I love this! Music is literally the only thing that gets me through my workouts and pushes me to keep going! What are some of your favorite workout songs at the moment?

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  4. I actually fell in love with Zumba as my main workout. Between the music and the dance moves with an amazing instructor, the hour can fly by and you have already burned over 500 calories. After really falling in love with it, like you have said, it does all that for me, increases my mood, pushes me to keep going. My hour, sometimes 2 hours, and when I’m feeling really crazy, 3 hours, is the one time during the day that I can let my guards down, that I can feel sexy and beautiful, I can release my stress for those hours and just listen to the instruments, get taken away by the lyrics and forget the real world that faces me outside of those studio walls.

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  5. The minute I read your title I thought, “Music does get your foot tapping, and that’s moving.” God is so good to allow things like music! Especially music that praises Him! I love music that does both… praises Him while getting up going… like Mandisa and her “Good Morning.” 🙂
    You’re post today is bringing good motivation, good vibrations, and good reasons to raise our hands (for both reasons 🙂 )

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      1. Do you know I forgot that I was not able to tap the foot for awhile, and only realize it this year as I was moping about missing all the physical things I use to do. God loving help me to realize I could at least tap my feet again to His music! It helped me to be grateful!

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