Is It Worth Exercising One Day A Week?

For most women, finding time to work out can be a real juggling act. There are so many things demanding your time, I understand it can sometimes be hard to stick to a schedule and workout regularly. Having different fitness goals can also have a big impact on the amount of time you have available to workout.


It can be discouraging if you simply DON’T have the time to work out as much as you’d like to. So, does that mean it’s not worth working out if one day a week is all you can manage?


What if I can only workout once or twice a week?

So, here’s the thing: if that suits your lifestyle and needs, getting your workout done in one or two sessions might be okay. What will probably impact your workouts more than anything is how hard you work during those sessions. The big difference between working out several days a week and working out once or twice is the amount of time you actually spend pushing your body to a higher intensity.


There can be some downsides to doing just one or two workouts a week. Firstly, your workouts may probably end up being longer, especially if you’re trying to squeeze as much activity as you can in one or two sessions. Secondly, you might find it harder to push yourself to the same intensity levels as someone who is doing shorter workouts on a regular basis.


How to maximise your time

If one or two sessions a week is all you can manage, it’s important to make the most of the time you do spend working out. Try focusing on full body workouts, rather than doing workouts that target single/smaller muscle groups. By choosing full body routines, you can focus on developing and maintaining muscle throughout the body, which can help to achieve the toned look that many girls are working towards.


High-intensity sessions can also be fantastic for kicking your heart rate up and making your cardiovascular system work harder. Elevating your heart rate is not only good for heart health, but it can help you to burn calories.


If you are managing to work out just one day a week, it’s important to be realistic. You may not be able to see the results you were hoping for in a short time frame. But you shouldn’t give up on the idea of working out altogether!


Make your own habits!

Everyone’s schedule is going to be different, so remember that you don’t need to compare HOW you work out with someone else. It’s all about developing habits that can help you to reach your fitness goals.


As I always say, doing something is better than doing nothing at all. If you simply can’t make time to work out as often as you want to, just do what you can. Then focus on supporting those workouts by eating a well-balanced diet and getting in some form of activity (such as taking the stairs instead of the elevator) as often as possible.

Wherever you are in the world, have a lovely day ❤

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22 thoughts on “Is It Worth Exercising One Day A Week?”

  1. Since I quit my job, I’ve had time to go to some free fitness classes at the local library, all of which are basically self-inflicted cardio torture, lol. One of them is called Boot Camp, and the first Friday I went I pretty much died. But the second time I went, a week later and after a Core class on Monday, I did a lot better and wasn’t nearly as sore. That was such a good feeling!

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  2. Inspirational and absolutely right 🙂
    Any amount of intense excercise is worth doing for the psychological benefit at least – even if only once per week. Personally I find that if I take more than a few days off between workouts then I hurt more from delayed onset muscle soreness the next day. This does not happen at all if I do three workouts per week.

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