How To Feel Grounded When Your Head Is In The Clouds

Is your head ever in the clouds?

I know mine is 😦

During a mindfulness course I took in @ Brahma Kumaris in 2016, another student and I were guiding each other through a meditation practice (which makes us sound super professional, but we were both a little bewildered by the whole ordeal).

As my partner finished guiding me through a meditation session, she asked how I was feeling. I paused to think about how I felt mentally and physically, and I told her I was calmer and more grounded than when we started the session.

Struggling with anxiety and constantly overthinking? Here’s a simple practice to help you get grounded when your head’s in the clouds! To this she responded, ‘What do you mean by grounded? I hear people saying that word all the time, but I’ve never really understood what it meant.’ In all honesty, I didn’t exactly know how to explain it. It was a word I’d thrown around without giving much thought to the definition of ‘grounded’ before.

Since this might be a topic you’re seeking clarity around, let’s talk about what being grounded means, why it’s important, and how you can be more grounded.



After spending some time thinking about it, I realized that feeling grounded can mean a few things. It can mean thinking clearly instead of feeling scattered. It can mean being in-tune with my surroundings AND my thoughts. It can mean feeling stable – mentally, emotionally, and physically.



Feeling grounded can mean something different for everybody, but it’s an important topic for those of us who tend to live in our own heads. Grounding exercises can be especially helpful for managing overwhelm and anxiety. When we spend too much time thinking and worrying, we get taken further away from the reality of our situation. There’s nothing wrong with a little daydreaming, but overthinking can distract us from the current moment.



If you’re ready to re-centre yourself, here’s a powerful exercise to feel more stability from within:

  • Lay down or sit with your feet firmly on the ground.
  • Close your eyes and imagine that you are laying down in the forest. There are trees all around you, birds are chirping, and water is trickling in a stream nearby.
  • Imagine that you are slowly starting to sink into the earth. Your muscles begin to relax and your body feels heavier as you become more aware of the earth around you.
  • Continue breathing as you sink deeper and deeper into the earth beneath you.
  • Feel the warmth and stability of the ground around you as you let go of any ideas or thoughts that arise.
  • Continue this meditation for as long as you need to.


I hope this post has given you some ideas for bringing yourself back down to earth when your head is in the clouds!

Remember that the meaning of being grounded is totally personal, and you know yourself best.


What does being grounded mean to you?


Wherever you are in the world, have a lovely day ❤

A, x (1)


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18 thoughts on “How To Feel Grounded When Your Head Is In The Clouds”

  1. I have bipolar disorder, so sometimes being “grounded” means experiencing my surroundings and understanding my situation realistically. Obviously medications play a part in stabilizing me, but I have also found CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Health) tools helpful, too.

    I have experienced depersonalization and derealization several times in the past, though usually only for periods of minutes to an hour or so. I find that identifying my triggers is very helpful at preventing dissociative episodes. I almost rehearse what I’m going to say and do ahead of time. I will also physically ground myself in ways such as squeezing my legs with my hands or squeezing a chair arm and/or even repeating to myself “Concentrate. You are OK. You are here. Listen carefully.” and things like that.

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      1. Have you tried guided meditation? It might help. I use a free meditation app called Insight Timer and they have thousands of guided meditations for all sorts of things, including grounding meditations. Just a suggestion 😊

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