Lessons Learnt From Journalling

  1. Letting go of your perfectionism – I finally made the decision that everything was fine even if the first page wasn’t perfect, so I started writing + writing & now I don’t mind if my pagers aren’t perfect, I just symbolize whats going on in my brain + put it on paper.
  2. Telling yourself better stories – If you wake up every morning believing that the day is going to be a bad one, what do you think your overall theme is going to be? Yup, it’ll probably be a bad day.
  3. Being more kind, loving + trusting – Write about a time when you look at something you made + thought to yourself ‘Yes, this speaks loudly of who I am’
  4. Learning to prioritize your life – Sometimes we find ourselves in a state of ‘everything is urgent + needs to be done yesterday’ when really there are a lot of things that can wait and don’t need to be immediately done.
  5. Jumping to conclusions too fast – Fear is False Evidence Appearing Real. Journalistic has helped me realise just how often and fast I jump to conclusions.
  6. Be mindful of your energy – We are the gatekeepers of our own happiness, success + well being.
  7. Start taking full responsibility – Happiness is a choice! Inner peace is a choice! Success is a choice! A choice that’s yours to make. You need to be okay with being uncomfortable because it’s going to help you grow.

Wherever you are in the world, have a lovely day ❤

A, x (1)