Conquer Soul Crushing Negativity

  1. Frame questions of doubt in a positive light
  2. Focus on building and celebrating small habits
  3. Give yourself permission to smile and laugh
  4. Stop saying ‘can’t + won’t’
  5. Be careful with ‘always’ + ‘never’
  6. Vary your environment
  7. Move as if your life depended on it.. exercise!
  8. Challenge yourself to learn + grow
  9. have a conversation with yourself… Literally
  10. Let go of mistakes
  11. Allow yourself to make new ones
  12. Practice random acts of kindness
  13. Bring fun back into your life
  14. Set boundaries (No gossip, judgement or unsolicited advice)
  15. Don’t take other peoples negative personally
  16. Get out of your head + get present
  17. Embrace the beauty of your quirks

A, x (1)