Self Care Challenge Day 21: Simple Pleasures

21 Day Self Care Challenge Day Twenty One

Hey lovely person!

And so here you are on the last day of your challenge, and wow, you should feel so pleased with yourself! You stuck it out, and realised your own value – YAY!!

So today is just a lovely way to end the challenge.

We’re going to look at lifes simple pleasures.

Today you are going to have a GOOD DAY!

  • Maybe you have a stash of luxurious toiletries that you are saving for best – use them!
  • Maybe you have some beautiful clothing that you are saving for a special occasion – wear it!
  • Maybe you have some deliciously scented candles waiting for a special occasion – burn them!
  • Maybe you have expensive hot chocolate in your cupboard to share with friends – use it!
  • Maybe you have a beautiful perfume you keep for best – wear it!
  • Maybe you have some money tucked away for a rainy day – spend some!


These are things you already have, but you’ve decided you can’t use.

Well you can!

Use them, and enjoy them. Revel in the everyday luxury. It’s surprising how wearing your most beautiful lingerie can change an ordinary day into a day that feels special.

Choose one thing to do today, and enjoy the decadence! As the advert says ‘you’re worth it’.

Well this is the last task in this 21 day self care challenge, and I hope you’ve enjoyed it and learned something about yourself.

Wherever you are in the world, have a lovely day ❤

A, x (1)