Self Care Challenge Day 19: Meditation

21 Day Self Care Challenge Day Nineteen

Hey lovely person!

Wow, you’ve really experienced some varied self care methods in this challenge! Some you might have already been aware of but needed a nudge to do it, and some will be new to you.

Today we are going to look at meditation, because – hey, we can’t do self care without it!

Meditation is amazing, and is a fantastic way to reduce stress, anxiety and overwhelm.

This blog talks through meditation in a very simple way and also recommends some apps.

Meditation is one of those things that sounds easy – I mean, don’t you just just sit and breathe?

Well yes, and no, Anita! Your brain thinks, that’s it’s job! And if you feel stressed, anxious or overwhelmed, thoughts spin in your minds ceaselessly leaving you exhausted and giving you no peace.

Meditation helps to quieten the mind, but it takes practice, so if the first time you struggle to empty your mind that’s pretty normal – persevere!

Meditation also allows you to become more in touch with yourself and your body, which ties in perfectly with writing a journal

So todays task is to do a short meditation.

The below apps could help:
  • The Mindfulness App.
  • Headspace.
  • Calm.
  • buddhify.
  • Insight Timer.
  • Smiling Mind.
  • Meditation Timer Pro.

Don’t forget to reflect on your experiences in your journal.

Stay tuned for Day 20.

Wherever you are in the world, have a lovely day ❤

A, x (1)