Self Care Challenge Day 8: Water

21 Day Self Care Challenge - Day Eight

Hey lovely person!

How’s it going? Are you enjoying this challenge? Finding it useful? If so (and I hope you are!) do you know someone that could do with some extra self care? Be a friend and tell them about this.

Today we’re looking at something soooooo simple to do, that costs ziltch, that brings amazing benefits that you already know about but probably don’t do.

What am I talking about? Water.

Okay, you’re an intelligent person, and I’m sure it’s something you know you should do. But it might not be something you actually DO do.

So let’s make it something to focus on today.

Here’s a little trick I use, and it works for me:

I plan to fill my water bottle 4 times in the working day (600ml bottle) &… (the water dispenser is literally right behind my desk)

And remember – it’s not a competition!

Oh, a worry many people have is – won’t I be forever running to the loo?

When you first start, possibly but that’s because you are dehydrated. Imagine a dry pot plant you haven’t watered for ages: when you first pour water on it, the water just runs off. But once the soil starts to take in water, it’s absorbed and will hold it. That’s what happens in your body – when dehydrated, the water will take a while to be absorbed so you might find yourself trotting off to the loo more often, but if you persevere it’s really not an issue, because your bodies hydration becomes balanced.

Stay tuned for Day 9.

Wherever you are in the world, have a lovely day ❤

A, x (1)