What a Beautiful Sunday.

My heart + soul is at ease, I had the most amazing day yesterday (Sunday).

Rach + I spent our day together, I loved every minute of it – it was great to be outdoors (it’s winter here in Sydney Australia, however yesterday was quite warm)


I woke up early bc I wanted to go to the gym before I went + started my day w/ Rach – I did arms + abs at the gym – I am starting to add new arm exercises to my workouts & I have to admit, I am liking it ❤


After I finished the gym, I ate some yoghurt, Chobani has bought out a new range where they add pieces + you flip them into the yoghurt.

As by the name, I saw Almond Coco Loco, I was so excited to try this flavour, I have tried others + they are amazing – I missed the BIG image of the coconut on the front + realised it was coconut flavoured yoghurt (I am not a fan of coconut) I still ate it though 😛


I than went + got Rach & we started our day together, we parked at Brighton Le Sands + started our morning w/ a Skim Hot Chocolate & having a morning chat.

Rach brings such a positive vibe to my life, I am very grateful for her – she’s there for me when my brain plays ‘tricks’ on me, shes there for me to snap me back to reality & shes there for me to tell me to ‘GET REAL’ (Which is what I def need 99% of the time)

It was a little windy at the beach but don’t let that fool you bc Rach got a little sunburnt (Bless her!)

We went all the way past Ramsgate (which is a 9km walk both there + back)


I was so shocked at how amazing the water looked at Brighton, it was crystal clear.

On the way back instead of walking upon the path, we chose to walk along the sand, this was so relaxing.

We did some cute drawing in the sand for our partners + sent them some photos.

Upon return all we could think about was BRUNCH! What to eat, where to eat, what drink to get!

Did I feel like avocado? Did I feel like eggs? Did I feel like bread? The decisions, deciding on food is one of the hardest decisions in life!



We ate our brunch at Dezerts, a cafe that caters for breakfast, lunch, dinner + desserts.

The service there was amazing, we got our food straight away w/ no wait. I ended up going w/ smashed avocado, feta, cherry tomatoes + poached egg on sourdough bread. It was the most delicious thing ever! They gave so much avodaco #avocoma + also freshly squeezed orange juice (the juice was DELICIOUS)

Rach got a yummy big breakfast w/ a smoothie, hers looked amazing too!




After brunch, we went into a bigger carpark in Brighton + I left Rach practive parking, she’s going for her licence soon, so I let her practice in my car – She did SO well.

We than went to Botany Bay National Park, + went for a stroll by the cliff, Rach had never been there + I really wanted to take her bc its a place that I really find peaceful.

We took some selfies, boomerang photos (check my instagram to see my boomerang)




I truly had the best day ever, being outdoors is a real big thing to me + to literally spend ALL day outdoors, I felt calm & at peace.

Rach & I walked a total of 13kms + felt proud about it.

I can’t wait to do this again! I am planning a goal for the whole month of August to spend my weekends outdoors.

I pray you all had a lovely weekend, what did you all get up too?

Wherever you are in the world, have a lovely day ❤



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38 thoughts on “What a Beautiful Sunday.”

  1. I went outdoors today too to keep myself occupied! We hiked up a mountain, and there is this little “German Town” in our state that was close to it, so we explored the town (I cheated a little bit and ate funnel cake). Do you live close to the beach? I wish I could go! The closest one we have is 5 hours away. :/ The food looks absolutely delicious especially the smoothies!! I love smoothies! You’ve got this! Spend this time to do everything we always said we “didn’t have time for”.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Good work, girly ❤

      Super proud of you! Well done! It takes a lot to occupy our self when we are going through something.


      No, I live a good 50 min drive form the beach, the beach in my post is the only beach I go – I love it so much.

      Wow, 5 hours away! Thats a mission!

      The food was aaaaaaaamazing! I devoured my food. Was super hungry :O

      Yes, I like how you worded that – & that is exactly what I am doing, my upcoming weekends are planned & during the week is just gym + work.

      Thanks for our advice ❤

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I learn from the best! I really need to do a better job at keeping up with your Self Care Challenge. I didn’t realize it was your day three. I’m going to write a post on it tonight.

        It was soooooo goooodd I couldn’t help myself!

        Keep inspiring ❤

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Awe, bless you ❤

        it's hard to keep up with the challenge when you've got so much going on but I chose to post this challenge & also do the challenge myself the whole month of August bc I knew it would motivate me.

        We are now up to Day 7 🙂

        Haha, I hop eyou enjoyed it – did you blog about the day + your cake?
        Would love to read it.

        Liked by 1 person

      3. I love reading your challenges 😀 Motivation is always good. There is always more that we can do for ourselves.

        I am working on it as we speak on that post. I forgot to take a picture of the cake though :/

        Liked by 1 person

  2. My stepdad and I were blessed to attend the baptism service our church was doing on a new property they will be moving to soon, Lord willing. 32 people went down in the creek along with the pastor and his team. 4 of them were good friends, 3 of which were children. There was also a new friend in the water. She is pregnant and from Africa, and so awesome. They shared their picnic table with us. We loved hearing her, her husband, and her 4 children conversing in their language. God gave us an awesome day. So glad to read you and your friend had one too! Enjoy more!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Well a lot people and the church have pics all over their facebook pages. Maybe I’ll ask my friends if they mind I share one or two. I did briefly note on my self care day 5 lunch, but I am planning on doing another post for another challenge I have been doing.

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  3. Thanks for liking my blog today! Loved reading your post. Reminded me of when I was recently in Sydney for a holiday 🙂 I look forward to exploring your blog

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  4. Awww…i had the loveliest day with you too. It’s a balance – i need your support as well! Also that sunburn is so real…ughhh wearing a hat and sunscreen next time!!

    Can’t wait for the next walk!! <3.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It was THE best! I couldn’t fault the day, even if I wanted to. it’s been super cold here in Sydney, Australia so I really wanted to enjoy being outdoors.

      Our brunch was AMAZING!

      The nut one is the banana one hey? if so, yes I have tried it & it is life!

      Liked by 1 person

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