Self Care Challenge Day 2: Sleep

21 Day Self Care Challenge - Day Two

Hey lovely person!

Firstly, well done for starting your journal!  You have taken the first practical step to greater self care, which is brilliant!

If you couldn’t get hold of a book yesterday, don’t forget to do it today, as you’ll need it.

How did you sleep last night?

Sleep is vital to us, both our physical and mental health – but I’m sure I don’t need to tell you about the importance of sleep, and I bet you already know just how difficult it is to function after a late night or a night spent tossing and turning.

How your skin looks sallow, and your eyes dull.  Or how hard your day is when you’re fighting to stay awake. Or how embarrassing it is to keep yawning when talking to people.  Or how your brain simply refuses to help, and everything seems to take a squillion times more effort, and how you eat crap in order to get a quick fix of energy.

So why do you do it?  Why do you stay up so late when you are fully aware of the consequences?

Well it’s so easy, isn’t it, to just read another chapter, or finish watching this program, or browse social media, or text friends, or just watch one more episode on Netflix I absolutely promise (…3 hours later…!)

The reason you do it is simple – you’re neglecting yourself. You aren’t making your health and well-being the priority they should be.

You KNOW you’ll feel awful tomorrow, but you just don’t care.

Choosing to take this self-care challenge means you’ve decided to up the ante on your self-care.

So your mission today is to look at your bedtime routine and make a change to encourage yourself to improve the length/quality of your sleep.

Or you could try the Relax Melodies app​, where you select sounds and melodies to help you drift off. Choose from waves lapping, birds singing, rain, a cat purring etc etc. You can have more than one sound and different tones. It also includes a couple of guided meditations. There are more sounds and more meditations in the paid version, so if you like it it may be worth the small investment.

Don’t forget to use your journal to reflect on how it feels to make this change, and whether it’s helped. If it didn’t, try something else, you are unique and life isn’t one size fits all.

Stay tuned for Day 3.

Wherever you are in the world, have a lovely day ❤

A, x (1)


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