21 Day Self Care Challenge – Welcome

21 Day Self Care Challenge

Hey lovely people!

It’s really great to have you here! This is the start of something just for you! Something personal, positive and important – and more than that, pleasurable and fun.

Self care isn’t an indulgence, it’s a necessary part of life, and self care consists of more than the occasional massage, lovely though that is. It’s about getting in touch with yourself, your wants, needs and dreams, and then making it happen.

So what does that mean?

Well, it means you can expect to be less stressed, more relaxed, feel better, have more energy, have improved work/life balance, and more ‘you’ time in order to be social or chill out on your own. Sounds good, doesn’t it? By the end of this challenge you’ll have identified areas in your life to focus on to welcome more contentment into your life.

It’s called a challenge because it will take effort on your part to consistently focus on yourself for 21 days.  That said, I wrote this challenge assuming you are a busy person and on a budget, so nothing will demand lots of time or money.

However, the clue is in the title – we are looking at self care, so if something happens and you really can’t do the daily challenge, don’t beat yourself up about it.  Yes, push yourself to complete, push yourself out of your comfort zone but be gentle with yourself when you need to be.

I will be posting each post at 9:00am Sydney EST daily as of tmrw.

Here’s to the new you 🙂

A, x (1)