1. Promise nothing – just do what you most enjoy doing.
  2. Sign nothing – just do what doesn’t require a signature of any kind.
  3. Offer nothing – just share what you have with those who express an interest.
  4. Expect nothing – Just enjoy what you already have, its plenty.
  5. Need nothing – just build up your reserves and your needs will disappear.
  6. Create nothing – just respond well to what comes to you.
  7. Seduce no one – just enjoy them.
  8. Adrenalize nothing – just add value & get excited about that.
  9. Hype nothing – just let quality sell by itself.
  10. Fix nothing – just heal yourself.
  11. Plan nothing – just take the path of least resistance.
  12. Learn nothing – just let you body absorb it all on your behalf.
  13. Become no one – just be more of yourself.
  14. Change nothing – just tell the truth and things will change by themselves,

A, x (1)


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