Ways To Calm Our Anxious Minds: Helpful Exercises Continued (Part 6/8)


This amazing practice uses natural oils extracted from flowers, stems, roots, leaves and other parts of plants to improve your physical and mental health. When you inhale these essential oils, they tend to stimulate brain function and help you achieve calmness. Inhaling these essences allow the beneficial effects to occur very quickly due to the proximity of the nose to the brain.



While there is no concrete evidence that spiritual growth and a belief in a higher power directly improves your mental health, adapting your mindset to the point where it gets in touch with your beliefs better might still offer you some meaningful ways to alleviate anxiety.



Have you ever spent time in the sun during the summer time and felt so happy? That’s because the heat helps reduce anxiety through releasing stress in your brain and muscles. Find ways to warm up regularly and this will have a great effect on your anxiety problem. Use a sauna, go to the beach, dip in a hot tub or spend some time by the fireplace. The warmth will instantly boost your mood.



This alternative medicine form is a component of Chinese medicine involving thin needles inserted into the body at certain points known as meridians. This is an ancient healing modality that can be used solely or in conjunction with other treatments. There’s ample research evidence to indicate that Acupuncture can be an effective treatment for anxiety.



Create your own mindfulness jar of creative ideas. Exercise and refresh your mind by solving puzzles, knitting, jewelry making, sewing, card making, drawing, painting or any other DIY creative project that you enjoy. Such projects will keep you busy and give you a sense of satisfaction and pride!



YOU should be the priority, so allocate some time for yourself every day. Get out of your usual schedule for a little while by playing with your kids or your pet. Or take a walk. Find something that gives you joy, even if you can only carve out 30 minutes each day.



Utilize mindfulness to practice psychological and behavioural calming skills. Learn to observe, become more aware, work on a non-judgmental stance, and focus on the job at hand. With these exercises, you are able to achieve a balanced state of mind within a relatively short period of time.

A simple exercise that you can practice right now:

Sit straight and comfortably, focus on your breathing, pay attention to the sensations of inhaling and exhaling. Repeat it.  Allow anything that comes to your mind to float away as you focus on your breathing. Measure your breath by footsteps and listen to relaxing music to make this exercise easier.



Find the causes for your anxiety and panic attacks by asking yourself very simple questions like: Did I have too much coffee or sugar? Have I been too tired or sick recently? Am I eating correctly? Am I really anxious? Try to grasp the root cause of your negative feelings.



This is a technique used to treat different anxiety disorders by exposing you to the feared object  in a safe, protected manner. This method teaches your brain to stop broadcasting the fear signal when the feeling is irrational and there simply isn’t anything serious to worry about.



Find some of your favourite soothing tunes and relax your mind. Have it played in the background while you work or when you are practicing some of the exercises in this listing.



If exercising feels to much like a chore then how about enjoying some guilt-free time with your friends? In ‘Play it Away’, author Charlie Hoehn explains how spending 30 minutes each day on any outdoor activity with your friends may actually be the key when trying to cure anxiety. He even created a Pinterest board with all sorts of activity ideas you can try out.



Write down your thoughts on paper, you will be able to get a better view on them that way. Process your thoughts and think of ways to move the negative feelings and thoughts from negative to positive.



It’s important to know what makes you happy and what doesn’t. Maintain a spreadsheet to track each activity and rate how happy you were doing them. This can help you discover patterns and isolate negativity.  Then you can identify your triggers and work around them with activities that actually make you happy.



“Just relax” – “Calm down, it’s not that bad”

Well, thanks…

Sounds familiar?

While most of the time they mean well, anxiety attacks are not as easy as the outside world might think. With that being said, always remind yourself that you’ve had them before and that you’ve made it through every single time.  Calm yourself during panic attacks with slow, measured breathing and by reminding yourself that this too shall pass.



Compile a list or collect a box of things that make you feel happy and proud. It may be photos of your friends and loved ones or your pet. It may be memorable items or gifts. Did you go to a concert or movie that you enjoyed?  Add the ticket stub to your collection. Look at your list or pick up items in your collection when you feel anxiety building. Realize that you have a lot to live and fight for in this world.



Never be afraid to stand up for yourself in a calm, collected manner. Believe in yourself, your qualities, and that you are a good person. Don’t be afraid to have faith in yourself.  Stand up for yourself when the time comes.

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