Ways To Calm Our Anxious Minds: Handy Tools (Part 3/8)


Adult colouring books have become very popular lately. If you read our previous article, you know colouring has a ton of potential therapeutic benefits. To many, it is considered a meditative practice. Benefits include increased focus, increased creativity and reconnection with your inner child. If you’d like to try it yourself, then print out some of the mandala templates we have created for you.



We all know that we need sleep, but we get busy sometimes and simply forget about it.  Make sure that you go to sleep on time by setting a reminder on your phone. When you set the time, don’t forget to give yourself enough time to get ready for bed. Do this for short naps too. To help yourself relax, try reading your favorite book.



Stress balls are fun! They have so many health benefits, including stress relief, nerve stimulation, diversion of attention and mood enhancement. In other words, it’s a great idea to have one with you at work or play with it for a bit whenever you feel overwhelmed.



Going to sleep on time and spending seven to nine hours in bed does not ensure that you get enough sleep. Using a sleep mask can help ensure that your brain recognizes 100% darkness so it releases powerful neurochemicals that help you go to sleep. You can also use earplugs if you are having trouble with noise in your surroundings.  White noise, as from a fan or recording, can help, too.



Massage blocks help you release tension by applying pressure to certain points of your body, similar to what massage therapists do to relieve tension. If you’re interested in these, check out Amazon for a good selection and be sure to check the reviews.



Feeling a bit itchy? If so, you’re in luck! Not only can the scratching of a scalp relieve you from that nagging itch, it could also be an easy way to make your hair stronger, alleviate headaches, improve your sleep, and above all, reduce stress and anxiety.



Self-acupressure is a pretty common and effective method, although most experts recommend seeing a specialist.  Laying on it for as little as 20 minutes daily  can help you lower your stress levels.  Plus, it increases circulation, energy, reduces back pain, blood pressure, muscle aches and much more.



Zen gardens are created to represent different soothing elements of nature. These meditation gardens were first used centuries ago by Buddhists. However, anyone can use a Zen garden to find their inner peace. Small Zen garden boxes represent the same elements of traditional Zen gardens and they can help you reduce stress and anxiety in powerful, positive ways. Cultivate your Zen garden to develop quiet mindfulness and inner peace.  Like coloring, this meditative practice enhances your ability to find and maintain your own inner strength and peace.



Our mind and body respond to scent as the brain reacts directly to smell.  Aromatherapy is based on exactly that. Different scents have different effects, and there are volumes of research about which scent does what. Some have the ability to calm and relax, which is exactly why aromatherapy could be very useful for people with anxiety. Use an oil diffuser to spread the aroma of your choosing around your household or simply add a few drops of oil to your bath or onto your skin. Take care using undiluted oils on your skin, however.  Read the instructions carefully as some can cause irritation.



There are quite a few smartphone apps which have been designed to help people deal with their anxiety. This could help you out a ton when you’re on the move, so make sure that you have a few of these apps installed on your phone to access them whenever you feel your anxiety building.


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    1. Sleep mask’s are really good for you 🙂 The body’s natural ‘waking’ hormone is cortisol and is released in the morning when light hits the back of the eye. If the light can’t reach the eye you may not get all of this natural wake-up call and find it harder to function first thing in the morning. #worldsbesthing

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