Be The Best You In Your Relationship

Below are some points that I really want to work on my relationship w/ J. When working on this, I believe our relationship will grow stronger & so will our bond.

Working on myself is a very big priority at this point in my life. I pray to be a better person not only for myself but for J & our relationship together.

  • Go on date nights: Instead of staying in ALL the time, it’s nice for once in a while for you & your partner to dress up & go to a nice dinner – treating yourselves is always nice when you both share a busy schedule
  • Communicate often: Your spouse is not a mind reader. Constant communication keeps you on the same page & sets the right expectations of each other. Set aside 10 mins a day to talk to each other about your feelings & life.
  • Apologise: You’ve made a mistake & now it’s time to own it & apologise to your spouse. Being right is not as important as being together. Taking responsibility for the pain you’ve caused will create a trusting environment.
  • Assume the best: Don’t assume you already know what your spouse is going to say or do. Focus on the positive qualities & always assume the best for each other.
  • Choose love: feelings come & go but true love is choice from the heart. Everyday do something that will move you closer to your spouse and find new ways to love them by being intentional with showing small acts of kindness.
  • Find win-win solution: Stop spending your time fighting about who is wrong & who is right. Rather, take the time & find win-win solutions that work for the both of you. Sure there is Option A & Option B but there is also option C-Z.
  • Kiss often: Kissing is not only a great option to show pure love to one another but it also produces the ‘love’ hormone Oxytocin – this hormone creates an environment for connection, trust respect, safety & love.
  • Forgive always: Forgiveness is a choice,m not a feeling. & because your spouse isn’t perfect, you will have to choose to forgive them so that you’re not bitter & filled w/ resentment.


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