Melbourne, Day 3.

I can’t believe how fast this holiday came & went – sitting on day 3

made me a little sad bc knowing we had to go home in the night 😦


Woke up a little early again to shower, & get ready – the place was SUPER toasty, I loved every minute of of being within that warmth bc as soon as we stepped outside, I regretted life! 😛

When we stepped outside, my nose froze (but once again, I loved the smell in Melbourne)

We went through the little alley ways & found a cute place called RIVA to eat our breakfast, we got the hangover breakfast (even though we weren’t hungover, lol) IT WAS AMAZING!

It was a breakfast w/ the LOT! & I enjoyed every single bit of it 😛



After our breakfast, we went for a stroll around Melbourne, saw some more shops + churches. The photos I’ve added is Scot’s Church, this was a beautiful church also.

We than decided to go to Eureka Sky Deck 88, which was really exciting – this is a building that is 88 levels high & you get a 360 view of Melbourne.

It was a little daunting at the start knowing I was going to go up 88 levels, but Rach was there to calm me down, she said ‘girl, you already go up 50 levels for work, this is going to be a piece of cake!’



When I got into the elevator, I got a little scared but I literally didn’t feel a thing & we were up to the top within 38 seconds.

Once we were up there, I was fine (I was actually fine the whole time, I just got a little anxious, that is all)

I facetimed J when we got to the top so I could show him what the view looked like, I moved the phone to look down to the ground instead of the view & I think the height scared him, hehe. I told him I’d love to come back to Eureka w/ him.

It was an amazing experience, I really enjoyed my time there, we attempted to step outside on this caged balcony they had but it was SUPER windy up there so we quickly went back inside.


I could see the whole of Melbourne, which was super nice (sort of reminded me of the Observation Wheel).

I love heights, that super weird though bc I thought when developing anxiety, I would’ve gained a fear for heights… But I didn’t.

After Eureka, we headed back but detoured through some graffiti lanes – I really liked what I saw, it was some amazing art that people add to these lanes.

Coming back from Eureka, I saw a homeless couple at Flinders Street station, it was the most saddest thing I have ever seen – it wasn’t like the beggers I see near my work w/ a sign but it was more of me seeing them have there WHOLE home set up in the corner of this station. I was touched – I went & purchased them 2 x cappuccinos & took it to them (I pray that they enjoyed their coffees)


Once we worked out what we had to do in regards to planning our afternoon considering we had a 830 flight but had to walk to the tram, catch the tram then catch the bus to the airport.

We went back to where we were staying & had some lunch, relaxed, we watched a movie than started packing our luggage making sure everything was packed before we padlocked our suitcases.

Closing the door behind for the last time in Melbourne, made me sad, some lovely memories were made – BUT I will be back!

Once catching the tram to the bus station, than catching the bus to the airport, we got to watch the sunset within the distance.


When arriving at the airport, we had a hot chocolate & some Krispy Kreme donuts (my weakness) I than went to the book store within the airport & purchased a book for the plane (I am the biggest sucker for books, I will spend ALL my money on books – I should do a book collection blog post)

We caught the plane home, it was smooth ride, I read the whole time – when we landed we walked to my car in the car park & I drove Rach home.

When I arrived home, J was there waiting for me, took my suitcase out of the car, we had tea & snuggles, we missed each other heaps. I was super tired… I than went to bed 🙂

This is my last post about Melbourne, the 3 days spent there were amazing (was not long enough) but I am really looking forward to going back there very soon.

There are so many things that I would like to see & so many other churches upon googling that I would love to visit.

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Healthy Relationships

When it comes to relationships, there are many factors that make the relationship work.

Relationships aren’t perfect & that is something I am starting to understand.

But I do know that the below are factors in making a relationship work to its full potential.

  • Respect:
    • This is a big one, you must respect each other from get-go.
    • Respect their thoughts, decisions & actions.
    • Being aware of how the other person is feeling
    • Being aware of the other persons insecurities
    • Reassuring our partners to make sure they are feeling secured.
  • Accountability:
    • Admits mistakes (or when wrong)
    • Accepts responsibility for behaviors, attitudes & values.
  • Trust:
    • Accepting each others word
    • Giving the benefit of the doubt
    • Believing they wouldn’t do anything to hurt you
    • Believing that they would not do anything to jepodise the relationship
  • Cooperation:
    • Asking & not expecting
    • Accepting challenge
    • making decisions together
    • Willing to compromise
    • Win-win resolutions to conflict
  • Support:
    • Support each others choices
    • Being understanding
    • Offering encouragement
    • Listening non-judgmentally
    • Valuing opinion
  • Honesty:
    • Communicates openly
    • Is truthful w/ their opinion
    • Says whats on their mind even if its bad
    • Will share everything with you
  • Safety:
    • Refusing to intimidate
    • Refusing to manipulate
    • Respecting physical space
    • Expressing self non-violently
    • Making sure the other is always safe
    • Letting the other person know their whereabouts


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