Melbourne, Day 1.

The time has finally come where I can talk about Melbourne, yes I know it is quite delayed but I have to admit, I’ve been quite busy since getting back to Sydney.

Melbourne was such an amazing experience, & by all means it is no where near done, there is so much to see that I have not seen yet (I feel like Melbourne will be a place I go back to MANY times)



I will break these blogs into 3, so I’ll blog day per day so the blogs aren’t cluttered with too much info nor photos.

Day 1

The alarm went off at 3:00am & oh my, did I want to go


back to sleep, BUT I couldn’t bc I had to go get Rach + get to the airport for a 6:00am flight. I got ready, packed the car w/ my suitcase (how cute is my bag tag J got for me).

I got to Rach’s house @ 3:30ish & we set off to the airport.

We checked in & were ready to have some breakfast.

Macca’s, it was! What better way to devour some Macca’s before a flight (I must say though, it was DELICIOUS) Maybe bc I was hungry, it just tasted amazing!


When boarding the plane, the anxiety kicked in – I was a bit anxious but kept it together, thank god.

I was really looking forward to seeing the sunrise on our flight – I was really looking forward to that.

The sunrise left me speechless, it was honestly the most amazing thing I ever saw!

It was so beautiful – I have seen sunrises in many places around Sydney but I haven’t


seen it in the air & my lord, it was BEAUTIFUL.

Upon landing, (it was a bumpy one) we caught the bus into Melbourne CBD & checked in 🙂

We than caught a train to Chadstone, Melbourne trains look amazing compared to Sydney ones AND… you have to press the button on the door to open the door (well we didn’t know that & thought we just had to wait for the next train)

When arriving at Chadstone, I was GOBSMACKED this shopping centre was AAAAMAZING! I was speechless, I have never seen a shopping centre like it.


We went to Louis Vuitton (standard) & other stores (I even bought J a gift whilst we were here), we shopped lots, spent most of the day here.

We had lunch in a cute little cafe, was the cutest thing ever, even sat on a little swingy chair.

When we left, we walked all the way back to the station about a km walk than headed back to Melbourne CBD, we stopped to buy munchies for the night.

I have to admit, I was WRECKED! absolutely wrecked, being up at 3am really took it out of me.

I started dozing off at about 7:00pm (the worst), we ordered pizza for dinner, & had a movie night which was really fun, i really enjoyed myself just being able to relax & rest.

Day 1 was amazing, relaxing, & good to just arrive in Melbourne, shop a little & relax.

Stay tuned for day 2.

A, x (1)




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