Fair Fighting

I can admit (oh boy, can I admit) I am very hot-heated. I overthink EVERYTHING! It isn’t a good thing as it damages relationships around me.

I’ve come up with the top 10 rules for fair fighting – as these are something I most certainly need to work on.

Unfortunately, I do not have a filter – I say exactly what I think as soon as it comes into my head (which is most certainly not a good thing)

I say silly things & regret them after.

  1. No name calling
  2. No interrupting
  3. No blaming or accusations
  4. No cussing
  5. No yelling
  6. No sarcasm
  7. No defensiveness
  8. No generalizations
  9. No physical nor emotional violence or threats
  10. No falling asleep with an unresolved disagreement

I personally know that the above are things I need to work on, let me know your thoughts on what can also help me to when it comes to disagreements and/or arguments w/ loved ones.

Working on myself at the moment has never been such an important thing to me, this is my number 1 priority now.

A, x (1)