Pamper Routine

What does a pamper night for me look like?

WELL… I had a pamper night last night so I would love to share it with you how that went for me what products I use.

I haven’t showcased all the products below in a photo & blurb about them.


  • Organise Natural Lip Scrub – this guy isn’ tin the photo but i did a post about him last night (Organic Natural Lip Scrub) This made my lip feel super amazing.
  • Bondi Sands Tan Eraser – this is a LIFE SAVER, saved my
    life of looking like a blotchy Dorito.
  • Carbon Coco – to whiten my teeth, literally the best thing ever – activated charcoal is free of nasties too 😛
  • Sukin Facial Cleanser – this helps remove any makeup off my face that my makeup wipes don’t get off.
  • Lush Dark Angels – I have done a blog on this (Lush Dark Angels Review) this is amazing; really cleanses where your makeup wipes don’t get.
  • Sukin Moisturiser – this is the only moisturiser I use that doesn’t break out my skin, & for that this is my holy grail.
  • Lush Dream Cream – this is AAAAAAAAHHHHHHMAZING! makes my skin feel so so so smooth after I use this, def a MUST have!

If you have any recommendations, I am all ears; I love hearing new products to try out.

Where ever you are in the world, have a beautiful day.

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Hello, my name is Anita, I am a 23 year old Croatian girl who loves reading self development books & following others blogs. Having said that, I have decided to create a site that consist of sharing my hobbies daily blogs, daily affirmations, healthy recipes, DIY projects, places I travel to etc. Discovering Your Happiness has a goal of sharing my happiness with you to help you discover your happiness also.

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