Instagram is BACK!

As promised, I said I will let you all know once my instagram is back up & running… AND IT IS!

Woohoo, my last post on my instagram was 08/11/2016 – 208 days w/out instagram!

Find me at: ap.x (you can click on this link, it’ll take you straight there)

This decision has been a long time coming, it has taken me MONTHS to make this decision.

Is it the right decision? For now, I feel it is, if I feel my ‘old ways’ coming back, than yes, I will delete it again until I learn my lesson.

For those who have clicked on my link in my bio on Instagram & it has bought you here… Hello 🙂 This may be your first time here or you may have known about my blog for a while & have been following me via email.

If you are new… Hello 🙂

I have had this blog for just over a year now, we have reached over 10,000 views, 1,300 followers, 120 posts & I couldn’t be more grateful to how far I have come.

Instagram is a platform to connect w/ other people other than wordpress & direct links, I have come back to Instagram for that purpose – to tap into another community other than WordPress.

This blog consists of daily thoughts, what I get up to on the weekends, health & fitness, recipes etc.

My blog is my hobby, it is a part of me, I love how far I have come along this journey & only pray for good things to come.

My blog has taken a content turn & will be experiencing some great new things – so stay tuned for good things to come.

Where have I been, my instagram friends, I have been working on this website, travelling, journalling, making big decisions in life & trying to find happiness (just like we all are)

Be sure to follow my blog via email (along the right side of the website) to keep up to date w/ all new content.

A, x (1)


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