I need some help w/ my Kmart problem 😛

Rach & I did another haul last night to Kmart – annnnnnnnd.. I didn’t get ‘too’ carried away.

This time I purchased:

  • Mint Mnm Chocolate Block: bc its chocolate, duhh 😛
  • Hot Water Bottle Cover: I bought a new hot water bottle cover & in this photo my hot water bottle was already in the cover 🙂
  • Purple Journal: I purchased this as a blog book, I’d like to use it as my ‘thoughts’ book for my blog.
  • Marble Journal: I am going to start doing my bullet journalling, a lot more serious now (I haven’t been doing this much bc I am still learning the ropes of bullet journalling) (My ears are open for any tips for bullet journalling)
  • 2 x  Packs of Pens: I can admit this is a weird confession, certqain pens determine a certain way I write & I am a big fan of Kmart pens, so I had to stock up for home & for work also.
  • Black & White Scarf: So, in my last Kmart Haul (Girls Day Out) I purchased a scarf that was white w/black stripes, now I purchased the black one w/ white stripes – they are super warm & keep me so snuggled on the trains in the mornings, at the moment its 3-4 degrees in the morning.


I am very pleased w/ myself bc I didn’t go ‘overboard’ like I tend to buy things I don’t need, I see that tends to be the problem. #proudmoment

It’s hard for me to determine the difference between ‘Yay, I want this’ & ‘Anita, you really don’t need that!’

I am very happy w/ the purchases that I made 🙂 (& I am sure Rach is happy w/ hers, she bought things she actually needed, & didn’t get carried away) It was good we had each other bc our night consisted of ‘Rach, do you really need that?’ & ‘Anita, do you really need that?’

I think it won’t take me long to go to Kmart again (its literally around the corner from my house… AND, it’s 24/7)

A, x (1)


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