Donating To Redkite

Donating to Redkite makes my heart & soul feel nice.

Yesterday, I made the decision to start my monthly donation scheme to Redkite.

Redkite’s focus for over 30 years is to provide essential support to children and young people with cancer, and their families through this tough time.

They are there for children and young people (24 and under) from diagnosis, throughout treatment, and after treatment ends. Their support includes:

  • Financial assistance to cover essential costs.hl_7nCiH
  • Information, counselling and group support.
  • Support to keep education and career goals on track .
  • Support through grief and loss.
  • Diagnosis support packs for children and young adults.
  • Support in hospital through social workers and music therapists.

Redkite receives no government funding – they rely entirely on the generosity of the community to provide these important services.

A certain amount of money (that I will most disclose) leaves my account on a monthly basis & works it way to Redkite – this decision is purely based on what my heart wants to do, no one forced me into this, I made this choice on my own.

We have all been affected by cancer in some way, shape or form, whether that would be experiencing it ourselves or knowing someone that has suffered w/ cancer.

From moment of diagnosis, your whole world turns upside down especially for those around you to, your mother/father/caregiver may have to give up work, school days are being missed, financial hardship occurs, other siblings suffer, lack of intimacy between parents etc.

Every dollar counts, no matter how big or how small – hence why I made the decision to donate some of my money monthly to help a family that is suffering & in need.

Below is Redkite’s Vision which is very eye-opening to me.

Our Vision

Supporting every child, teenager and young adult with cancer, and their family, who need us.

Our Purpose

To provide essential support to children, teenagers and young adults with cancer to ensure the best possible quality of life for them and their family – now and into the future.

Our Services Philosophy

Every child and young person’s experience of cancer is unique. To give a child or young person the best chance of managing the cancer journey positively, the whole family and each individual needs to be supported to manage their unique cancer experience. By alleviating the financial and emotional stress and enabling children, young people, their families and their support networks to develop their strengths and skills, Redkite assists the whole family to achieve that positive end.

Our Promise

You are not alone with cancer. We will listen, respect and respond to you and your family with essential support from hospital to home.

If you would like to check out their website, please visit: Redkite

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