18 Hours To Go – #melbourneready

Another month, another holiday – super happy that I have been organising little holidays (they keep me sane) I have got one now (in 18 hours) & another at the end of July – this is going to be GREAT!

I am actually excited to get on a plane again, we are actually flying when it’s sunrise, so there should be a beautiful view to see.

Have to be up at 3:00AM though, so that won’t be fun BUT… it’ll all be worth it!

Melbourne, where do I start?

I have never been – lets start w/ that. I don’t know what we are doing nor where we are going – we’ve made a GoogleDoc sharing thoughts where we want to go but there is so little time (must mean I need to do another trip)

Star Observation Wheel

Below is a list of the places that are on our GoogleDoc to go to:

  • Hoyts Melbourne Central
  • Eureka Skydeck 88 (I am quite excited for this!)
  • Star Observation Wheel (sah excited for this!)
  • The Queen Victoria Market
  • Harbour Town Melbourne
  • Royal Botanic Gardens
  • St Paul’s Cathedral
Eureka Skydeck 88

So much to do w/ so little time, very excited to tour another state. My goal is to do Australia first, than step out into the rest of the world.

The below states have been ticked off the list:

  • SYD
  • QLD
  • ACT

I now need to do:

  • VIC
  • NT
  • WA
  • TAS

Haha, after this weekend VIC will move into the completed bucket list.

There is so much I want to see in the world, I really need to work on my bucket list bc I have already ticked sooooo much off – it’s amazing what I have already done in life.

If anyone knows any good places in Melbourne that they recommend, let me know in the comments below 🙂
Where ever you are in the world, have a beautiful day 🙂


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Pamper Routine

What does a pamper night for me look like?

WELL… I had a pamper night last night so I would love to share it with you how that went for me what products I use.

I haven’t showcased all the products below in a photo & blurb about them.


  • Organise Natural Lip Scrub – this guy isn’ tin the photo but i did a post about him last night (Organic Natural Lip Scrub) This made my lip feel super amazing.
  • Bondi Sands Tan Eraser – this is a LIFE SAVER, saved my
    life of looking like a blotchy Dorito.
  • Carbon Coco – to whiten my teeth, literally the best thing ever – activated charcoal is free of nasties too 😛
  • Sukin Facial Cleanser – this helps remove any makeup off my face that my makeup wipes don’t get off.
  • Lush Dark Angels – I have done a blog on this (Lush Dark Angels Review) this is amazing; really cleanses where your makeup wipes don’t get.
  • Sukin Moisturiser – this is the only moisturiser I use that doesn’t break out my skin, & for that this is my holy grail.
  • Lush Dream Cream – this is AAAAAAAAHHHHHHMAZING! makes my skin feel so so so smooth after I use this, def a MUST have!

If you have any recommendations, I am all ears; I love hearing new products to try out.

Where ever you are in the world, have a beautiful day.

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Organic Natural Lip Scrub

This is the most easy & natural DIY evvver!

I’m so happy to be sharing this w/ you all.

All you need is TWO things.

  1. Coconut Oil
  2. Brown Sugar

It’s literally that simple!

Because your lips have a thinner layer of skin than the rest of your body, they lose moisture easily. Lip balm is definitely handy when it comes to alleviating chapped lips, but you also need to make sure to exfoliate regularly in order to maintain the perfect pout. Otherwise, flaky lips can not only lead to sloppy lipstick application but also lesser-known — and perhaps more serious — consequences.

See my little mixture below; doesn’t look to crash-hot but it’s still great.

Exfoliating your lips benefits you in the below listed ways:

  • Combats bad breath
  • Cold sores
  • Avoids lip discolouration
  • Clumpy lipstick application
  • Improves texture
  • Removes dark spots

I love little DIY’s – they are the best. It was a nice little add on to my pamper night 🙂

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It Took 12 Days (12,000 Views)

Wow, wordpress, I have missed you! it has been quite some time (12 days to be exact).

I don’t have an excuse as to where I have been, I won’t lie, I have just been in a dark spot, a spot that has consisted of some real big decision making & some crucial me-time.

My mind has been cluttered & foggy – BUT… I am back & thats all that matters.

Thank you to those that messaged me to check on my absence whilst I was gone, your beautiful thoughts don’t go unnoticed.

We’ve reached another thousand views, we are now sitting on 12,000 – thank you to those that have still been visiting my site & constantly replying & supporting my blogging journey.

It’s you lovely people that motivate me to write more. ❤

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for being patient during my absence.

You are all amazing ❤